March 31, 2023

Winchester, CA – Two Injured in Car Accident Domenigoni Pkwy.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Major Injury Crash Reported on Hwy. 60

Winchester, CA (March 31, 2023) – Police and rescue officials in Winchester responded to the scene of a major car accident on Thursday, March 30th. The accident took place around 6:35 p.m. at the intersection of Demenigoni Parkway and Frontier Loop Road.

According to a report from officials, two vehicles collided at the scene. Two individuals were transported from the scene to a local hospital, where they were treated for serious injuries. The exact nature and extent of the injuries sustained are not known at this time. There is no information on what caused the accident to take place. The injured victims have not been identified at this time, and there is no description of the vehicle. The road was partially closed while police investigated the accident and cleared the area.

The crash is still under investigation at this time. There is no further information available.

We would like to offer our thoughts and best wishes to the victims following this car accident in Winchester. We hope for a complete and speedy recovery.

Car Accidents in California

According to statistics, there are more than 200,000 injury crashes reported in California each year. The total number of car accidents is well over 500,000, including minor accidents that do not necessarily result in injuries. The injuries sustained in a California car accident, however, are not always readily apparent. Some injuries will take days or even weeks in some cases to manifest themselves. You may feel fine immediately after the crash, only to find out that you are now dealing with a lingering and painful injury. This is a common story following a California car accident. Once the adrenaline from the accident wears off, you may begin experiencing pain that limits you in a considerable way.

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