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If you or someone you know has been hurt in an accident in California, it’s time to hire a trusted personal injury attorney in Los Angeles from Madison Law Group. At our Los Angeles personal injury law firm, our attorneys have years of experience representing individuals who need help getting the compensation that they deserve as a result of their accident.

We provide in-depth legal knowledge to personal injury cases and also have experience defending against insurance companies, individuals, or businesses. California statute of limitations requires that a personal injury lawsuit is brought forth to the court within two years from the date of your injury.

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The experience you have with the attorney you hire is key. When you are dealing with an injury, the last thing you want to worry about is your legal needs not being handled properly. If it’s a serious injury, you may not be able to work or do daily activities as you were able to do prior to the accident. This may bring about great frustration in your life and you will not want to worry about your legal rights in addition to coming back to health.

Your attorney must have not only extensive experience to handle your case, but he or she must be trustworthy. Someone you can rely on to inform you about your legal rights, someone who can inform you about the right direction to proceed at each step of your case, and most importantly, someone to return your calls.