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Verdicts & Settlements

Cases below are the most recent settlements for the Madison Law Group. We have settled 1,000’s of cases, many for over $100,000 or the Defendants policy limits.
Vehicle AccidentVehicle Accident

$9,349,169.65 – Auto vs Motorcycle: Madrigal v. Tang: Trial completed to judgment on October 5, 2012. Jury in favor of Plaintiff

$375,000 – Pedestrian vs. Auto: Plaintiff shoulder injury required surgery

$750,000 – Pedestrian vs. Auto: Plaintiff’s leg ran over by a vehicle

$1,400,000 – Auto vs. Auto: Plaintiff severely injured, suffered lacerations and a partial spinal injury

$100,000 – Auto vs. Auto: Plaintiff suffered from a broken arm

$540,000 – Pedestrian vs. Truck: Plaintiff’s foot ran over by a truck and suffered a crush injury to one leg

$45,000 – Auto vs. Auto: Plaintiff was rear-ended and suffered from head and back injuries

$500,000 – Auto vs. Truck: Plaintiff was involved in an auto accident and suffered back injuries

$300,000 (Policy Limit) – Motorcycle vs. Auto: Plaintiff riding a motorcycle suffered from a shattered coccyx and broken arm

$105,000 – Auto vs. Auto: Plaintiff involved in an auto accident and injured her thigh, neck, back, and shoulders

$110,000 – Auto vs. Auto: Plaintiff suffered from multiple disc bulges to neck and back

$125,000 – Auto vs. Auto: Plaintiff injured shoulder when defendant made a U-turn into him

Slip and FallSlip and Fall

$1,100,000 – Plaintiff slipped and fell in Ralphs while pregnant, suffered multiple injuries including an early child birth as a result of the accident

$80,000 – Plaintiff slipped and fell at a Food4Less store and suffered from several disc bulges

$325,000 – Plaintiff slipped and fell at an AMC Theatre and suffered knee injuries that required two surgeries and required surgery for angular nerve damage in wrist

$80,000 – Trip and Fall: Plaintiff tripped and fell on a public sidewalk leading to a broken wrist

$500,000 – Burn: Plaintiff suffered first degree burns to arm, leg, and shoulder due to lack of smoke detectors

$372,000 – Plaintiff slipped and fell at Del Taco and suffered a broken hip

$300,000 – Premises Liability Trip and Fall: Plaintiff fell over a rope at Home Depot and suffered a broken hip

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