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Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer - Animal Attack Injuries - Santa Monica

If you have been injured by a dog bite in the state of California, the law may be on your side. In California, the owner of a dog can be held liable for your injuries, even if he or she was not an irresponsible pet owner or it was the first time the dog ever bit a person. This is not true in all other states, so it can be confusing to know what is truth and what is not when it comes to dog bite injuries. That is why you need a Los Angeles dog bite attorney working for you.

Compensation for Dog Bite Injury Claims

A Los Angeles dog bite lawyer wants to see you get the compensation you deserve. A dog bite can be very severe and the recovery process can be long and painful. Unfortunately, this may mean that you are unable to work during recovery or you can’t work to the same capacity as you did before the dog bite. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are experts at recovering your lost wages and earning potential. They can also help you to receive compensation for your medical expenses, both in the present and future.

Los Angeles personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. Another way of stating this is that we don’t receive any compensation from you while we are working on your case, recover money from your personal injury lawsuit. if we succeed in obtaining a recovery for you. In addition to working on contingency, our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers also offer you a free initial consultation to hear the specifics about your case. You are welcome to ask any questions you like during the consultation, including information about our qualifications and the number of personal injury lawsuits that we have won.

When your lawsuit is presented to the owner of the dog that bit you, it can become a case of your word against theirs. They may try to discredit you or say that you somehow provoked the dog into biting you. We are here to help you hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions of their dog. With Los Angeles personal injury attorneys on your side, you know that you are receiving fair and experienced representation at all times.

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