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Los Angeles is not only home to many people but also to a large population of dogs–and with that population comes the risk of dog attacks. If a dog attack occurs, it is important to know what steps to take for medical help and legal protection.

If a dog has bitten you or someone you care about in Los Angeles, you may be curious about the next steps you should take. You should hire an experienced dog bite attorney in Los Angeles to represent you as soon as possible because it’s the best way to protect your legal rights.

Our Los Angeles dog bite attorneys at Madison Law Group realize how traumatic and painful dog bite injuries can be, and our goal is to assist you in obtaining the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. After being harmed as a result of a dog bite, it is important to hire a lawyer to protect your legal rights.

If a dog in Los Angeles has bitten you, our team at Madison Law Group can meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the ways that a dog bite lawsuit can help you move forward.

Who is Likely to Be a Victim of a Dog Bite?

According to statistics, over 4.7 million dog bite incidents are reported annually in the United States. This total amount equals around 13,000 people being hurt every day in the United States due to dog attacks. Over half of the total victims are children.

According to the National Canine Research Council, certain groups of people are more likely to be victims of dog bites. Children between the ages of five and nine are the most frequent victims of dog bites. This is because they often need to be aware of the danger that dogs can pose, and they may approach a dog without caution.

Seniors are also at a higher risk for dog bites because they may have difficulty defending themselves against attacks. Various professionals often report serious dog bite injuries. These include:

  • Real estate agents: There are several reasons why real estate agents may be more likely to be victims of dog attacks. First, they often work alone and may be surprised by a dog while showing a property. Second, they often enter homes that are not their own, and the dogs in those homes may view them as intruders. Third, they sometimes have to deal with aggressive dogs when trying to show properties for sale. Real estate agents need to be aware of the dangers of dog attacks and take steps to protect themselves. They should always ask homeowners if there are any dogs on the property before entering, and if so, whether the dogs are friendly. They should also bring a can of pepper spray with them when showing properties.
  • Home repair specialists: There are a few reasons why home repair specialists are more likely to be victims of dog attacks. First, they often work close to the ground, where dogs can easily reach them. Second, they often have tools and equipment that dogs may view as toys or chew objects. Finally, home repair specialists often work alone, making them an easy target for a lone dog seeking attention or feeling territorial.
  • Delivery Workers: There are a few reasons that delivery workers are more likely to be victims of dog attacks. First, they are often carrying food or other items that dogs may be interested in. Second, they are often strangers in the neighborhood, and dogs may view them as a threat. Finally, delivery workers sometimes have to enter yards or walk on sidewalks where dogs may be present.
  • Television or internet installers: There are a few reasons why Television or internet installers might be more likely to be victims of dog attacks. For one, these workers are often perceived as intruders by dogs protecting their homes. Additionally, TV or internet installers typically work alone, which can make them an easy target for an aggressive dog. Furthermore, these workers often have to enter a stranger’s home, making the homeowner’s dog feel unsettled and anxious. Many dogs become excited or scared when they see someone outside working on a TV or computer, which can lead to an attack.
  • Estate sales professionals: Estate sales professionals are more likely to be victims of dog attacks because they typically enter strangers’ homes and yards where dogs may be present. They also often work alone, making them an easy target for an aggressive dog. Dogs may view estate sale workers as a threat to their home territory and attack in order to protect it.

Other groups who may be more likely to be victimized by a dog bite include mail carriers, meter readers, and other utility workers who frequently come into contact with unfamiliar dogs while performing their jobs.

California Dog Bite Law

California has some of the strictest laws in the nation regarding dog bites and other animal attacks. There are several dogs that are considered to be dangerous and aggressive under California law. These include:

  • Pitbulls
  • Akitas
  • Rottweilers
  • German Shepherds

In addition to being classified as dangerous by breed, other conditions can earn a dog this classification.

California dog bite laws state that a dog can be considered a “potentially dangerous dog” if, without being provoked, the dog has:

  • Engaged in any behavior twice within a thirty-six month period, while off the owner’s private property, that has caused another person to take any defensive actions in order to avoid being harmed.
  • Bitten another person and caused a serious injury to them.
  • Killed another domestic animal while off the owner’s private property at least twice within a thirty-six-month period.

A dog may be classified as a “vicious dog” if any of the following conditions are met:

The dog was previously determined to be a potentially dangerous dog and is actively listed as being potentially dangerous, and it continues to express aggressive behaviors or the dog’s owner failed to comply with the registration requirements.

  • Has severely harmed or killed another person in an aggressive manner and without any provocation.
  • Has been seized previously as a result of the dog owner’s violation or any subsequent convictions with regard to dog fighting.
  • If a dangerous dog attacks someone and causes injuries, the dog’s owner can be held liable for damages under California’s strict liability law, found Under California Civil Code § 3342. This means that even if the dog’s owner did not know that the dog was dangerous, they can still be held responsible for any resulting injuries.
If you have been attacked by a dog in California and suffered serious injuries, do not hesitate to contact Madison Law Group for help. Our experienced Los Angeles dog bite lawyers can fight for the compensation you deserve following your dog bite incident.

Who is Liable for a Dog Attack?

When it comes to dog bite lawsuits, California is a strict liability state. To ensure others’ safety, owners must always maintain control of their dogs. In both public and private places that guests lawfully enter, the dog owner must take reasonable care to ensure the safety of others.

If you suffered dog bite injuries due to an animal attack on private property, you may have legal options depending on the type of guest you are. If you were attacked by a dog on public property, California law states that the dog owner is liable for any resulting dog bite injury or damages that you have suffered.

Various other parties can be held liable under California law. These parties include:

  • Animal care facility owners: Owners of animal care facilities may be liable for injuries and damages caused by dog bites.
  • Parents: If a dangerous dog attacks a child under the age of 18, parents can be held liable.
  • Landlords: If a landlord fails to remove a dangerous dog living on their property, and injuries or damages result, they can be held liable.
  • Dog Sitters: If a person is watching a dog and the dog bites someone, the dog sitter may be liable.
Our knowledgeable Los Angeles dog bite injury attorneys at Madison Law Group are well-versed in handling dog bite cases in California. Our team can meet with you for a free consultation at your earliest convenience. We will take this time to review the circumstances surrounding your attack, identify who can be held liable for your injuries, and take legal action against them.

What to Do If A Dog attacks you

If a dog attacks you, the first thing you should do is try to calm down. It is important not to panic or scream, as this will only worsen the situation. If the dog is small, you may be able to pick it up and carry it away. If the dog is larger, you can try to use a stick or other object to keep it at bay until help arrives.

If you suffer a serious dog bite injury, you should call 911 to seek immediate medical attention. Even a seemingly minor dog bite can severely impact your health and well-being.

Once medical help has been notified, you should also contact animal control so that they can deal with the animal appropriately. It is crucial to get all of the necessary information about the animal attack so that you can provide it to authorities and ensure that the dog does not pose a danger to others in the future.

You must also seek legal help from a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help you pursue legal action against the dog’s owner and help you get justice for your pain and suffering, and injuries.

Common Injuries From Dog Bites in Los Angeles

Many different types of injuries can result from a dog attack. Some of the more common injuries include:

  • Punctures and lacerations: These are the most common type of injury sustained in a dog attack. Punctures and lacerations can occur when a dog bites or scratches someone with its claws.
  • Broken bones: A dog bite attack can cause broken bones if it attacks someone and they fall to the ground. A fall from a significant height can also result in broken bones.
  • Sprains and strains: These injuries often occur when a person tries to pull away from a dog that is attacking them.
  • Internal injuries: A dog can cause internal bleeding if it bites someone in the stomach or other soft tissue area.
  • Psychological trauma: Psychological trauma can occur after a dog attack and result in anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Infections: Dog bites can cause infections if the dog has bacteria in its mouth.
  • Scarring: Scarring can occur as a result of punctures or lacerations.
  • Nerve damage: Nerve damage can result from a dog bite or scratch. This could cause long-term nerve pain and impair movement.
  • Facial trauma: Facial trauma can occur if a dog bites someone on the face. This could lead to disfigurement and long-term emotional distress.
  • Death: In extreme cases, a dog attack can result in death.
If you have suffered dog bite injuries, there is a significant chance that you may have to seek medical treatment immediately. You must also reach out to our Los Angeles dog bite lawyer at Madison Law Group right away. You may be able to file a personal injury case for compensation. California dog bite victims are often able to recover compensation for their medical treatment, as well as various other damages that they face.

Recoverable Damages After a Dog Bite Attack

After suffering a dog bite injury, you may be able to take legal action against the pet owner. This action can help you recover financial compensation for some of the losses and damages you face.

Following a dog bite attack, our experienced Los Angeles dog bite attorney at Madison Law Group can help you recover the maximum amount of financial compensation for:

  • Medical Bills: One of the most common damages associated with dog bite attacks is medical bills. If you have been injured by a dog bite, you may incur a variety of medical expenses, including emergency medical treatment costs, hospitalization expenses, costs for surgeries, rehabilitation costs, and more.
  • Lost Wages: Another common type of damage associated with dog bite attacks is lost wages. If your injuries prevent you from being able to work, you may be able to recover lost wages for the time that you are unable to work.
  • Permanent Scarring and Disfigurement: In cases of severe scarring and disfigurement, you may require reconstructive surgery. This type of surgery can be expensive, and you may have to miss work while recovering. In addition to the physical scars, you may also suffer from emotional trauma. Under California dog bite laws, you are able to recover financial compensation related to any costs and non-economic suffering you experienced as a result of these damages.
  • Pain and Suffering: In addition to physical injuries, many victims of dog bite attacks also experience pain and suffering. This type of damage is typically awarded in cases where the victim has suffered serious or permanent injuries.
  • Punitive Damages: Punitive damages may also be available in some cases involving dog bite attacks. These damages are designed to punish the offender and prevent them from engaging in similar conduct in the future.

Our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers will work with financial experts who can determine the extent of damages you have suffered due to your dog bite injuries. We will use every legal avenue possible to demand compensation for them on your behalf.

What To Expect When Filing a Dog Bite Claim?

Filing a dog bite case against a negligent dog owner is a big decision. When going through the legal process, you can expect various services and benefits from working with our dog bite injury lawyers throughout your claim.

Our knowledgeable Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Madison Law Group handle dog bite claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay any upfront legal fees for your dog bite case. Our dog bite lawyer will only get paid if and when we obtain a settlement or verdict in your favor.

Most dog bite cases are settled out of court, without the need for a trial. However, if the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable settlement offer, your lawyer may recommend taking the case to trial.

Dog bite cases can be complex, and it is crucial to have an experienced attorney on your side who can navigate the dog bite case process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

When filing a dog bite claim, you can expect:

  • Our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers explain the legal process and answer any questions you may have about your case.
  • Our lawyers will investigate the incident and collect evidence from various sources. This can include pictures from the scene, photographs of the serious injury, medical records, eyewitness testimony, and more.
  • Our Los Angeles dog bite lawyer will negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company for a reasonable settlement that covers your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages related to the injury.
  • If necessary, our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers will take the case to court and fight for you in front of a judge or jury. Our dog bite lawyers have extensive experience handling complex litigations for Los Angeles dog bite victims. Our team can help prove your case to a judge and jury and demonstrate why you deserve the full amount of compensation that we demand.
At Madison Law Group, our goal is to get you the fair compensation you deserve for your dog bite injury. We understand how devastating a dog bite can be and are committed to helping you obtain the justice and financial recovery that you need. Contact our dedicated legal advocates today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your California dog bite case and learn more about how we can help.

FAQs about California Dog Bite Claims

If you have been the victim of a dog attack, you most likely have a lot of questions regarding your legal rights and what to do moving forward. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about personal injury cases following dog attacks in Los Angeles.

What are the first steps I should take after being bitten by a dog?

The first thing you should do is seek immediate medical attention. Even if the bite seems minor, it could become infected. Once you have seen a doctor or gone to the emergency room, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who handles dog bite claims.

What if I don’t know who owns the dog that bit me?

If you were bitten by a stray or cannot identify the owner of the dog, you may still have a claim against your homeowner’s insurance or renters insurance policy. These policies typically cover dog bites even if the owner of the dog cannot be identified.

Do I need to hire a lawyer to handle my claim?

It is not necessary to hire an attorney to file a dog bite claim, but it is highly recommended. Pursuing a dog bite claim can be incredibly time-consuming and complicated. Obtaining compensation for your injuries can be difficult without experienced legal representation. An experienced dog bite injury attorney will be able to assess the strength of your case, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible.

Do I need to take legal action right away?

In California, you only have two years from the date of your injury to file a personal injury lawsuit in most cases. After this period has passed, you will be unable to recover any compensation for your injuries. Therefore, it is important to speak with an experienced dog bite attorney from Madison Law Group as soon as possible after the incident.

Why Should You Hire a Dog Bite Attorney in Los Angeles?

If a dog in Los Angeles has bitten you, it’s important to retain the services of an attorney who specializes in cases involving dog bites for a number of reasons.

An attorney specializing in dog bite cases can, first and foremost, assist you in obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled. Dog bites can cause excruciating pain and even severe injuries if they are not treated immediately. In some instances, the victim may sustain injuries that are so severe that they are unable to return to their normal activities or continue working. This may lead to a loss of income and significant medical costs.

A personal injury attorney specializing in dog bite cases in Los Angeles may assist you in obtaining the financial compensation you require to cover these costs and get your life back on track. Depending on the circumstances, this can include compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and even pain and suffering.

One more reason to retain the services of a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles is so that they can assist you in navigating the legal system. Pursuing a claim for compensation after being bitten by a dog can be difficult and overbearing. An experienced attorney can explain your legal options, walk you through the legal process, handle the necessary paperwork, and communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf. They can also help you understand your legal rights.

Having a Los Angeles dog bite attorney on your side can finally give you relief and security. During what is a trying and stressful time in your life, the knowledge that you have an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional fighting for you can provide you with the much-needed comfort and support you require.

What Sets the Madison Law Group Apart from Other Firms?

Madison Law Group takes great pride in the fact that we are among the most successful law firms in Los Angeles that handle cases involving dog bites. The following is a list of the main reasons why we believe you should choose to be represented by us:

Experience: Our attorneys have a significant amount of years’ worth of experience representing clients in Los Angeles who dogs have bitten. We have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations associated with dog bites, and we can offer you expert legal advice and representation in these matters.

We have a history of successfully obtaining favorable outcomes in cases involving dog bites. Our lawyers are highly skilled in the art of negotiating with insurance companies and can assist you in obtaining the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Personalized service: Because we recognize that no two dog bite cases are identical, we devote sufficient time and effort to learning about each of our customers and their specific requirements. We provide individualized legal representation, and we will work closely with you to devise a strategy adapted to your particular circumstances to achieve the best possible outcome.

Compassion: Because we know that being bitten by a dog can be extremely traumatic experience, we are dedicated to providing our customers with compassionate and caring support. Our lawyers will take the time to hear your side of the story and will work tirelessly to assist you in obtaining the justice that is due to you.

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The unfortunate truth is that dog bites can cause serious injuries and lead to severe infection, scarring, and nerve damage. In some cases, dog bite victims may even require reconstructive surgery. You should not have to bear the financial burden of these costs on your own. The liable party’s homeowners insurance should cover your medical expenses and other damages.

Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out on these claims. They may try to minimize the severity of your injuries or argue that you were at fault for the incident. An experienced Los Angeles dog bite attorney from Madison Law Group can help you navigate the dog bite injury claim process and fight for the full compensation you are entitled to.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite in Los Angeles, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The Madison Law Group has decades of experience handling complex dog attack cases in Los Angeles for dog bite victims. Our team will fight diligently to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact the Los Angeles dog bite attorneys at Madison Law Group if you or someone you care about has been bitten by a dog. Our team of highly skilled and devoted dog bite lawyers is prepared to assist you in obtaining the compensation that you rightfully deserve. We provide a free initial consultation, during which we can talk about your situation without any commitment on either of our parts. Call us at (310) 201-7676 to discuss your dog bite claim and the legal options available to help you move forward.