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No one likes to think that anything bad is going to happen to them while they are on vacation, but the sad reality is that vacations provide no immunity to being injured through another person’s negligence. If you or a family member has suffered any type of injury while on vacation, you need to contact a Los Angeles vacation disaster accident attorney to learn your rights and the recourse you can take against those responsible.

Wrongful Death and Fatal Accident Lawsuits

There are literally hundreds of ways a person can be injured or killed while on vacation, ranging from an amusement park ride that malfunctioned to being attacked in the parking lot of a hotel. These types of cases can be especially difficult to deal with after you return home and are away from the scene where the accident took place. If your vacation took place in Los Angeles, you may contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers regardless of how far you actually live from here. We know the area and all of the popular vacation sites where tourists are likely to get hurt.

A Los Angeles vacation disaster accident lawyer can speak to you over the phone or through teleconference if you are no longer in the area and are unable to return for a meeting. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys always offer the first session free of charge to clients. We also take personal injury cases on contingency, which means that we don’t recover a fee unless you win your lawsuit against the person or company responsible for your injuries. There is no financial obligation or risk involved in just contacting us for legal advice, so we encourage you to do so as soon after the accident as possible.

If your injury does force you to stay in the hospital in Los Angeles, we know that you are concerned about the cost and how much your insurance company is going to pay. We don’t think injured people should have to worry about such things, so we will get to work immediately preparing a lawsuit against the responsible party in your accident. If your lawsuit is successfully settled, you will receive a lump sum of money to be used for your medical expenses, missed time from work and the pain and suffering you have to deal with every day because of the accident.