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Being involved in a truck accident in Los Angeles is a terrifying situation that can leave you seriously injured and emotionally distraught. If you have recently suffered a truck accident caused by another person’s negligence, legal representation is the first thing you will need after medical attention. There is no need to look any further than Madison Law Group. You are entitled to compensation, and our team of seasoned personal injury attorneys has the knowledge and experience to help you get the justice you deserve.

Unfortunately, motor vehicle collisions involving trucks and other commercial vehicles are all too common in Los Angeles, which is known for its congested highways. According to recently compiled data, there were over 2,200 accidents involving trucks in just Los Angeles County in 2019. With so many severe accidents on our roadways, the chances of being involved in one are, unfortunately, high. In the aftermath of a serious crash, it’s critical to have an experienced attorney on your side to help you through the legal process.

At Madison Law Group, our Los Angeles truck accident lawyer knows that a collision involving a truck can be a harrowing experience for the parties involved. You might be dealing with physical injuries, property damage, and significant mental stress. Because of this, we are here to provide assistance.

Our Los Angeles truck accident lawyer will work closely with you to gain an understanding of the specifics of your case and will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the compensation you require so that you can move forward. Schedule a free case evaluation with our law firm today to discuss your truck accident claim and the options you have moving forward.

Types of Truck Accidents We See in Southern California

Trucks are essential for our economy, moving goods from one place to another, but like any other vehicle on the road, trucks are also involved in accidents regularly. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a truck crash, there could be severe injuries or even fatalities. It is essential to understand the different types of truck accidents that can occur so that you can take steps to avoid them. Some common Los Angeles truck accident types that we see in our area include:

Rear-End Collisions: Rear-end collisions are prevalent types of commercial truck crashes that we see here in Los Angeles. This type of big rig accident often happens when a truck driver is following another vehicle too closely. When the vehicle ahead stops suddenly or slows down, the truck crashes into its rear end due to prolonged stopping distance. These commercial truck accidents often involve some form of distraction, speeding, or drowsiness. Inclement weather and heavy traffic conditions also increase the chances of rear-end truck accidents.

Head-On Collisions: Head-on collisions are the most deadly type of truck accident reported here in Southern California. In a head-on collision, the front end of one vehicle collides with the front end of another vehicle. In Los Angeles County, this type of truck accident often occurs when one vehicle crosses the center line and collides with oncoming traffic.

Head-on collisions can be particularly devastating because of the amount of force that is involved in the crash. When two vehicles collide head-on, they are effectively doubling the force of impact. When a semi-truck or big rig is involved in this type of collision, the chances of severe or fatal injuries are dramatically increased.

Sideswipe Collisions: Sideswipe collisions are one of the most common types of truck crashes we see here in Southern California. This type of commercial truck accident occurs when a truck driver tries to change lanes and sideswipes another vehicle in the process. Sideswipe collisions can be extremely dangerous and often lead to severe injuries for those involved or even death.

Rollover Accidents: Rollover accidents are one of the most dangerous types of truck accidents. These crashes can occur when a truck driver loses control of the vehicle or when the weight of the cargo shifts and causes the truck to topple over. Rollover accidents can also occur when a truck hits a patch of ice or snow and slides off the road.

Most rollover accidents are caused by driver error, but mechanical problems with the truck can also contribute to these accidents. If a truck’s tires are not properly inflated, for example, they can blow out and cause the truck to lose control. If a truck’s brakes are not working correctly, this can also lead to a rollover accident.

Load shift is another common cause of rollover accidents. If a truck is carrying an uneven load or if the load shifts during transport, it can cause the truck to tip over. This is why it’s important for truck drivers to secure their loads properly before setting out on the road.

Rollover accidents are often fatal for the driver and any passengers in the cab at the time of the crash. They can also cause severe injuries if people are outside of the vehicle when it happens. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists can all be seriously injured or killed if they’re hit by a rolling truck.

Jackknife Accidents: According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 10% of truck accident cases and 4% of truck accident fatality cases involve jackknife collisions. This type of truck accident occurs when the trailer of a tractor-trailer swings out from behind the cab, forming a 90-degree angle with it.

Jackknife truck accidents are often caused by truck driver errors, such as braking too hard or making a sharp turn. If you are involved in a jackknife accident, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately, as these accidents can cause serious injuries.

If you were involved in a truck accident caused by another person’s negligent or reckless actions, you might be able to file a truck accident injury claim. This type of legal action can help you seek financial compensation for the losses and damages that you face. Our skilled Los Angeles truck accident lawyer at Madison Law Group can help you get justice after being harmed. We will investigate your accident and identify who is liable.

Liable Parties in a Truck Accident Claim in California

In Los Angeles, truck accidents are on the rise. Each year, thousands of accidents involving large trucks result in severe injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately, many truck accident victims are harmed due to negligent truck drivers and other parties. After being harmed in a truck accident, you may be able to file a truck accident claim against the responsible party. In order to pursue legal action, you must be able to identify who is responsible for the commercial truck accident. In California, some of the parties who are often identified in personal injury claims include:

Truck Driver: A truck driver must possess a valid commercial driver’s license. They must also have appropriate endorsements if they are transporting hazardous materials. In addition, a truck driver must adhere to all federal, state, and local laws governing the operation of a commercial vehicle. They are responsible for inspecting their commercial vehicles before and after each trip to ensure that it is safe to drive. They are responsible for the safety of the truck and its contents, as well as the people around them. If a truck driver causes a Los Angeles truck crash, they may be held liable.

Trucking Company: There are many trucking companies that operate in Los Angeles. Some of these companies are large national carriers, while others are smaller regional carriers. If you have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries in a large truck accident, it is essential to determine which trucking company the commercial truck belongs to. This information can be obtained from the truck’s driver or the police report.

Once you have determined the name of the trucking company, you will need to find out more about them. You should research the company’s safety record, insurance coverage, and any past lawsuits that have been filed against them. This information will help you determine if the company will likely be liable for your injuries.

Loading or Cargo Company: If a truck crash occurs in Los Angeles, and the commercial truck was carrying cargo at the time of the accident, the cargo company may be liable for damages. This is because the cargo company is responsible for ensuring that the truck’s cargo is properly secured and does not pose a danger to other motorists. If the cargo company failed to do this, and the truck’s cargo caused the accident, the company may be liable.

Maintenance Company: If the commercial truck was not properly maintained, the company responsible for maintenance should be held liable. To do this, you will need to obtain the truck’s maintenance records and inspect them for any red flags.

If it is determined that the company was negligent in maintaining the commercial truck, you will need to prove that their negligence caused the crash so that you can take legal action against them.

Truck Owner: If a person owns a truck involved in a Los Angeles truck crash, they may be held liable for the damages caused. This is because truck owners are responsible for ensuring that their commercial vehicles are properly maintained and operated in a safe manner.

Truck Part Manufacturer: There are many different truck part manufacturers out there, and each has its own specific liability in the event of a Los Angeles truck crash. For example, the manufacturer of the truck’s tires may be held liable if it is determined that the tires were defective and caused the accident. The same can be said for the manufacturer of the truck’s brakes or any other critical component.

If you were hurt in a commercial truck accident, it is important that you seek the assistance of a personal injury law firm right away. Determining liability for a Los Angeles truck crash can be complicated, as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. An experienced attorney can help you to get the compensation you deserve by investigating all potentially liable parties and establishing who was at fault. A skilled Los Angeles truck accident lawyer will need to investigate the circumstances surrounding your crash to determine who is liable.

Our experienced truck accident lawyer at Madison Law Group has decades of experience helping truck accident victims get justice after being harmed in commercial truck accidents. Our team can help you seek fair compensation for the damages you face after your traffic accident. Contact our Los Angeles truck accident lawyer today to schedule a free consultation to get started.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in California

Los Angeles truck accidents occur every day, resulting in significant injuries for those involved. Regrettably, most of these accidents can be attributed to negligence on behalf of drivers.

According to reports provided by the California Highway Patrol, there are various common factors in commercial truck accidents here in Southern California, including:

Truck driver fatigue: It is important to remember that many truckers are under immense pressure to meet tight deadlines. This can lead to them driving for long hours without rest, making them more prone to mistakes and accidents. Truck driver fatigue is all too common, especially here in Texas.

Speeding: Speeding is one of the most obvious dangers on the road, and trucks require a greater stopping distance than other vehicles. This means that speeding trucks are more likely to rear-end another passenger vehicle or lose control on a turn.

Truck drivers following too closely: Semi-trucks and commercial vehicles require longer distances and more time to stop while traveling, especially at full speed. Unfortunately, when commercial trucks are tailgating other vehicles sharing the road, there is a serious chance that the truck may crash into the rear of the other vehicle and cause severe injuries or damages.

Driver impairment: Drunk and impaired truck drivers are a danger to everyone on the road. They’re more likely to cause accidents, and their accidents are often more severe than those caused by sober drivers. When drivers who are drunk or impaired are operating large commercial trucks, the chances of victims suffering severe injuries are dramatically increased.

Driver distractions: Distracted driving is also a significant issue and includes anything from using a cell phone to eating while driving. Truck drivers who are not paying attention to the road are much more likely to cause an accident. We see many trucking accident claims filed against truck drivers who were talking on their phones, texting, or even eating while operating their vehicles at the time of a crash.

Reckless driving actions: Reckless and aggressive driving, such as tailgating and cutting off other vehicles, is also a major problem. This type of behavior often leads to serious trucking accidents. Improper lane changes are another common cause of truck accidents, especially when a truck driver fails to signal or check their blind spot before changing lanes.

Blind spot accidents: There are many ways a blind spot accident can occur. One common way is when truck drivers change lanes and don’t see a passenger vehicle in their blind spot. Another way is when a truck driver is making a turn and doesn’t see a pedestrian or bicyclist in their blind spot.

While truck accidents can be severe, they are often avoidable with proper precautions. If you have suffered a serious or catastrophic injury in a truck accident caused by negligence or recklessness, consider taking legal action to seek compensation for your damages. With the help of a Los Angeles truck accident attorney, you can protect your rights and get the justice you deserve.

At Madison Law Group, our team is fully committed to taking on even the largest trucking companies to ensure truck accident victims are able to get justice. Our personal injury attorneys can help you seek the maximum amount of compensation for the damages and injuries you face following your accident. Contact our Los Angeles truck accident attorney today to get started on your case by scheduling a free consultation.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Given the size and weight of commercial vehicles, it is no surprise that accidents in which they are involved generally result in more significant injuries for victims. Although there are no two accidents that are alike, there are severe injuries that we continue to see many truck accident victims suffer. Some of the most common injuries caused by commercial truck accidents include:

  • Whiplash: This neck and soft tissue injury can be incredibly debilitating. Truck accident victims who experience whiplash often suffer from motion limitations and pain.
  • Back injuries: These can range from strained muscles to herniated discs. They can be extremely painful and debilitating.
  • Broken bones: Due to the fact that commercial trucks are so large and heavy, they can cause severe fractures or breaks if they hit another vehicle or object.
  • Internal bleeding: This is a potentially life-threatening injury that can occur when the force of a collision causes organs to rupture or bleed. Common internal injuries involve the lungs, kidneys, spleen, or bladder.
  • Traumatic brain injury: A blow to the head can cause bruising, bleeding, and swelling of the brain. This can lead to long-term cognitive problems and even coma or death.
  • Burn injuries: Due to the fact that truck accidents involve much larger vehicles, they are likely to cause people to become entrapped inside their vehicles. When people are trapped inside their vehicles after a commercial truck accident, and the vehicle catches on fire, they are likely to suffer severe burn injuries as a result.

Truck accidents can be devastating due to the size of commercial trucks and the potential for catastrophic injuries. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in a truck accident, you must consider taking legal action to help recover fair compensation for the costs and losses associated with your accident.

Because commercial truck accident claims are far more complex than most other types of personal injury claims, it is crucial that you seek the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced truck accident lawyer right away.

Our team at Madison Law Group is here to help you get justice by filing a truck accident injury claim. Our team will take control of the legal aspect of your recovery so you can focus on overcoming your injuries. We will fight for fair compensation on your behalf and help you get justice. Do not wait to take legal action after your truck accident. Contact our personal injury law firm today to schedule a free consultation to get started.

What Sets Madison Law Group Apart from Other Law Firms?

Why should one go with Madison Law Group when so many other personal injury attorneys are available to help after a truck accident in the Los Angeles area? A few of the reasons you should turn to Madison law Group are as follows:

  • Experience: Our dedicated team has worked on numerous cases involving truck collisions in the Los Angeles area throughout their careers. This means that we are familiar with the legal system’s intricacies and can assist you in achieving the most favorable outcome possible for your case.
  • Personalized Care: Because we know that each circumstance is unique, our truck accident lawyer will work closely with you to comprehensively understand your circumstance’s particulars. Throughout the entirety of the legal process, this indicates that we will be able to provide individualized attention and direction to our clients.
  • Reputation: Here at Madison Law Group, our Los Angeles truck accident lawyers have earned a name for ourselves as tenacious and committed advocates for our clients. To ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to, we will advocate on your behalf at every stage of the legal process.

What Steps Should I Take After Being in an Accident Involving a Truck in Los Angeles?

In the event that you have been involved in a truck accident in the Los Angeles area, there are a few steps that you should take to protect yourself as well as your legal rights.

Seek Medical Attention: The very first thing you should do is make sure that you get the necessary medical attention and do this as soon as possible. This is essential not only to your health and well-being but also to the success of your defense. A doctor’s report can provide valuable evidence in a truck accident case.

Evidence Gathering: If you are able to do so, you should make an effort to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident. Taking photographs of the scene, obtaining the contact information of any witnesses, and compiling any pertinent information are all examples of what this can entail.

Call the Police: After a truck accident, it is essential to call the police and report what happened. They will write up a report about the accident, which you can use as evidence in your case if you want to.

Avoid Communicating with the Insurance Company at Any Cost: Following a collision involving a truck, the insurance company may attempt to get in touch with you. It is essential that you keep in mind that their objective is to settle your claim for the least amount of money possible. It is in your best interest to delegate all communication with the insurance company to be handled by an attorney working on your behalf.

Contact a Lawyer Specializing in Truck Accident claims: It would be best if you got in touch with a lawyer who specializes in truck accidents as soon as possible after the accident. They will be able to provide you with information regarding your legal rights and assist you in obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Your Truck Accident

Dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident can be highly stressful. You may have to deal with insurance companies and legal issues in addition to the injuries and property damage that have occurred as a result of the incident. Because of this, it is essential to have an attorney who specializes in cases involving truck accidents working on your behalf. A truck accident attorney is necessary for several reasons, including the following:

  • Knowledge of the law: Expertise is necessary because truck accident cases can be complex and require in-depth knowledge of the legal system. An attorney with experience handling cases involving truck accidents will have the knowledge and expertise necessary to guide you through the legal process and fight for your rights.
  • Abilities in Negotiation: Insurance companies frequently attempt to pay out as little as possible on claims filed following truck accidents. An attorney specializing in truck accidents will be able to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries.
  • Objectivity: It is normal to feel emotional after being involved in a collision with a truck. On the other hand, an experienced truck accident attorney will be able to approach your case objectively and make decisions based on the facts of the case alone.
At Madison Law Group, we are prepared to assist you in any way that we can, thanks to our knowledgeable team of truck accident attorneys. We will collaborate with you to gain an understanding of the specifics of your case, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the compensation you require so that you can move forward.

Don’t Delay! Get in Touch With Madison Law Group Right Away

Do not hesitate to obtain the necessary legal assistance you will need if you have been involved in a truck accident in the Los Angeles area. Get in touch with Madison Law Group immediately to set up an appointment for a consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. We will collaborate with you to understand your case and advocate on your behalf at every stage. Don’t go it alone if you’re involved in a collision with a truck; let Madison Law Group be your advocate.

If you have been injured or your property has been damaged due to a truck accident in Los Angeles, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your losses. This may include costs associated with medical care, lost wages, and any other costs related to the accident.

At Madison Law Group, we will work with you to determine the full extent of your damages and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in any way, please get in touch with us today. We will handle the legal aspects of the situation so that you can concentrate on getting better.

It is imperative that you keep in mind that there are time constraints for filing a claim for compensation following a truck accident in the state of California. This indicates that it is critical to take prompt action and get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. At Madison Law Group, we will work efficiently to investigate your situation and launch the legal process as soon as possible.

Don’t try to handle a truck collision on your own. Contact Madison Law Group immediately and allow us to act as your advocate. We will be here for you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the compensation you require so that you can move on with your life. Schedule a free consultation with our team by calling 866-LEGAL-911 to get started on your case.