February 21, 2014

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles if Another Person Hurt You

If you believe you were wronged by another party or person in any manner that resulted in sustaining injuries to your body, you might have grounds for filing a personal injury case with an attorney in Los Angeles. The extent of your injuries does not matter, whether they are short term or long term.

For example, your arm or leg could have been broken from an automobile accident. Eventually, your broken bones do heal, but, in the meantime you are left with medical bills and physical therapy. There is also the possibility the bone may not heal correctly, or long term pain and discomfort will persist even after the bone has healed. You might have been unfortunate and received more serious injuries, having lost a limb, having been paralyzed, or requiring ongoing medical care for the rest of your life.

You should not have to be financially responsible to pay for your medical care, treatment and other services on your road to recovery. Further, when your quality of life has been drastically affected, it has a direct impact on your ability to support yourself and your loved ones. The person who caused the accident needs to be held accountable. This is where your Los Angeles personal injury attorney is able to help.

Your lawyer performs a detailed case analysis in order to determine the extent of your legal rights. Next, they gather evidence to support your case before submitting your claim in a court of law. Once your case has been filed, your lawyer works on your behalf to talk to insurance companies and their attorneys, to negotiate an appropriate settlement, and to give you his or her professional legal advice. Based on this advice, it may be necessary to take your case to court, in certain situations, in order to obtain a verdict in your favor from a judge and/or jury.