February 25, 2014

Is It Worth My Time to Consult with Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys?

If you were injured and hurt due to someone else’s fault, you could have grounds for filing a personal injury case through local Los Angeles attorneys. An experienced lawyer is able to help you obtain compensation from the other party’s insurance company to cover your allowed damages. In most cases, these types of claims are fully resolved without ever having to set foot inside a court room.

Most personal injury cases are based on facts and negotiations, rather than actual court proceedings and the supporting laws. Insurance companies do not want negative publicity when they know there was negligence caused by one of their policy holders. Instead, they want to try to come to a reasonable settlement and keep the case from going to court, because they want to limit media exposure.

Insurance companies and their adjusters have their own team of lawyers to help facilitate the arbitration process. Without your own Los Angeles accident attorneys, you run the risk of hurting your case and may even lose or walk away with a smaller amount than you are legally entitled to receive. Your lawyer knows which questions the insurance company and their attorneys are able to ask you and the ones they cannot. In addition, your lawyer is familiar with similar cases and what the acceptable settlement amounts are for your area.

It is better to seek help by scheduling an initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Most law firms offer this initial meeting for free, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for finding out your legal rights and if you have grounds for a case.