June 21, 2012

Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorneys in High Demand in Bike-Friendly City

If it seems as though there is a higher demand for Los Angeles brain injury attorneys than other places, this is because there probably is. L.A. is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country with an abundance of paths and bike lanes on many major roads. With nearly perfect year-round weather, who can resist skipping the car and commuting to work? Unfortunately, with this environmentally friendly transportation method comes the risk of accident, many of which result in a brain injury.

Why You May Need Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorneys with a Bike AccidentLos Angeles is a haven for the bike riding enthusiast. In addition to bike lanes on many roads, there are also bike paths in beach towns and at beachside boardwalks, such as those in Huntington Beach and Hermosa Beach. Wearing a helmet will significantly reduce your risk of needing Los Angeles brain injury attorneys. However, they do not offer a guarantee. You or someone you love may need an attorney due to:

  • Skull Fracture – When the cranium suffers a break, fractures occur. Although some can heal on the own, it is not uncommon for gray matter to become damaged and demand surgery.
  • Concussion and Contusions – When your brain gets banged inside your cranium, it can become bruised. Dizziness, memory loss, headaches and poor concentration can be resulted. Sometimes, long-term medical care is needed, and it can affect career, education and quality of life. You deserve to be compensated.