June 20, 2012

Important Questions to Ask Your Auto Accident Attorney

If you are in the process of retaining an auto accident attorney, you have likely been made to feel like a number with some. You have questions, yet some lawyers will beat around the bush or use terminology you just don’t understand. Why is this? You are the victim here! You are the one needing a lawyer who can offer a compelling case for you. You have the right to ask questions and have them answered so you can make an educated decision. Our attorneys here at the Madison Law group welcome your questions, and understand just how important your case is.

Comparing One Auto Accident Attorney to the NextIf you are not sure if you want to retain an auto accident attorney here or go to the person your buddy recommended, you may want to ask enough question that you need to in order to make the decision that is best for you. Below are some questions you may want to find the answers to:

  • What type of evidence is needed to back up my case?
  • Is an appeal to settle better in my case, or will a trial be necessary?
  • What are my chances of winning if we go to trial?
  • What type of outcome do you see being resulted?
  • Is the potential reward worth pursuing the case?
  • What risks and costs will I be taking on?