July 18, 2013

Los Angeles Personal Injury and Personal Property Insurance Claims Are Different

It is important to understand the difference between Los Angeles personal injury and personal property insurance claims. Personal property insurance covers material property you own, like your house or your car against unexpected events, such as an automobile accident, fire or theft. In the event your property is damaged, your personal property insurance reimburses for the value of your loss based upon the type of coverage you have in effect. On the other hand, personal injury insurance covers damages and injuries experienced by another person, which were caused by your negligence. For instance, you fail to stop at a red light, go through the intersection, and hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk. You would be responsible for all injuries that person received as a result of your failure to stop. You and your insurance company could also be sued if the other person filed a lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Claims Cover Injuries Received by another Person’s NegligenceLos Angeles personal injury cases involve all types of accidents and injuries. While the majority of cases involve vehicular, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, there are other kinds of injures which also fall under personal injury. These include slip and fall cases, aviation accidents, wrongful death claims, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation claims, brain and spinal cord injuries, and dog bites. In order to determine whether you have grounds for a personal injury case, you need to ask yourself two simple questions. First, were you injured or hurt because another party was negligent in some manner? Next, could the accident have been prevented if the other party took necessary measures? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, you need to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers to discuss your situation further.