November 13, 2012

Call a Lawyer if You Have a Car Accident in Los Angeles

If you are in a car accident in Los Angeles and suffer severe injuries at the fault of someone else, a business, or a problem with your vehicle, you may find the insurance companies to be very attentive and helpful. Do not let them fool you! Insurance companies typically bully victims; they don’t enjoy paying out money. So, if they are eager to help you and are trying to convince you to settle, then it should be a dead giveaway that they are scared that you have a pretty good case.

Contact Us Immediately, if You are in a Car Accident in Los AngelesIt can be tempting to simply settle with the insurance company, after you are in a car accident in Los Angeles, but if they are offering you an impressive compensation, then they know that a skilled and experienced lawyer will get you a lot more. Otherwise, they would be ignoring you. If you are concerned that you would need to come up with money that you don’t have right now, to retain a lawyer: don’t be. Here at Madison Law Group, we don’t collect our fee — until you win!