February 27, 2013

No Bones are Broken: Do I Still Need a Slip & Fall Attorney?

Many people are under the impression that the injuries they suffer need to be quite severe to deserve compensation. This is absolutely not true. Although an injury attorney is Los Angeles will typically be able to win more for a more severe injury, those with minor pain deserve to be compensated as well. Just because you don’t have any broken bones does not mean you should not call a slip & fall attorney here at Madison Law Group.

Why You Still Deserve CompensationDon’t let anyone tell you that a minor injury does not warrant the need for a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. You probably still went to the doctor, and you may have taken some time off work to heal. In addition to the pain, you have to factor in diminished quality of life as well.

Perhaps you could not go to your daughter’s ballet recital or son’s hockey’s game because your tailbone was bruised, and it hurt too much to sit in a chair. Maybe you have not been able to pick your baby up because your back aches, or perhaps you can’t enjoy your morning walk with your four-legged friend because your ankle is twisted. If you are dealing with a diminished quality of life because of someone else, you deserve compensation.

Not to mention, if they get away with it, they will continue to be negligent, and the injuries of the next victim could be far more severe.