October 30, 2012

How Much Money Can an Accident Injury Attorney Get Me?

If you have been in an accident, but your injuries aren’t overly severe, you may be wondering if hiring an accident injury attorney is really worth the trouble. Will you even get enough money to make it worth your while, if you haven’t suffered permanent damage?

Your Case is Unique to Your Accident Injury AttorneyIf you ask your accident injury attorney how much money they think that you will get, and they can’t give you an answer, it is not that they are avoiding the question, it is just that there is no way to know. Every case is unique and although you may not think your injuries are serious enough to be compensated, a judge may see it differently. After all, if you lost time from work and acquired medical bills, isn’t this enough? Add on the fact that you have dealt with pain and suffering, and it is hard to say that you don’t have a strong case