July 30, 2013

Different Things Can Occur After Your Initial Visit to an Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

After your initial consultation with an accident lawyer in Los Angles, there are several things which can occur. First, your attorney might determine you do not have grounds for a personal injury case. In order to have a valid claim, there are two specific things that must be present. First, there needs to be a second party who is responsible for your injuries. Next, this party must also have demonstrated they were negligent, and the accident could have been prevented. In the event the accident was caused by your own negligence, or there is no secondary party to blame, and then there are no legal grounds for filing a claim.

Another thing that can occur after your initial visit to your accident lawyer in Los Angeles is discovering you have grounds to file a case against the other party. In this situation, your attorney determines the percentage to which the other party contributed towards the accident. This percentage is used to determine the maximum amount of damages you are able to seek under personal injury laws. For example, if you were in an automobile accident and were 25 percent at fault, the maximum damages for your case would be reduced by 25 percent, as the other party was only 75 percent to blame. Your attorney will also instruct you on other matters, like to avoid speaking directly to insurance companies, as they will use anything you say against you, later, and need to be referred directly to your attorney, as well as the procedures and processes involved with your case.