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Injured While on Vacation? Contact an Accident Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

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February 18, 2014

Going on vacation is often fun and exciting for you and your entire family. You get to get out of town, relax, and enjoy the time away from work. Most people like to think nothing bad is going to happen during their vacation. However, the reality is there is no immunity to being injured or hurt by another person’s negligence, even when on vacation. You need to contact a vacation disaster accident injury lawyer in Los Angeles to learn your legal rights and the possible recourse you are able to bring against those responsible for ruining your vacation if you or a loved one were injured while visiting California.

What Sort of Injuries Happen to People on Vacation?

There are literally numerous ways in which you or a family member can be injured during your vacation. You could be involved in an automobile accident while driving or riding in a taxi, bus or other vehicle. You might sustain injuries from an amusement park ride that malfunctioned. You may have slipped and fallen down at your hotel, or might have been attacked in the parking lot. Dealing with these types of claims is especially difficult to deal with after you return home.

Do I Have a Potential Case After Returning Home?

You could still have legal grounds for filing a claim against the other party, no matter where you reside. If you have time before leaving Los Angeles, you should contact our personal injury lawyer immediately to schedule your free consultation. In the event you have already returned home, still contact our office. We can help you over the phone, because we know the area and the popular vacation sites, and are experienced in dealing with a wide range of personal injury claims. Our goal is to help ensure you receive any monetary compensation you are entitled to as a result of being hurt by someone else while on vacation.

It Is Your Legal Right to Talk to an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

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February 4, 2014

It Is Your Legal Right to Talk to an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Talking to an accident attorney in Los Angeles is your legal right, after receiving serious injuries caused by another person. Learning more about your rights helps protect your interests in the event you have grounds for filing a case. Some people make the mistake of never contacting a lawyer, only to find out later they could have received a higher monetary settlement from the other person’s insurance company. But, since they already signed a settlement agreement, they gave up their legal rights and are unable to seek any further compensation.

After being involved in an accident where you are injured, you will end up speaking to numerous people about the event. Depending on the extent of your injuries, and if at all possible, you should attempt to keep a record of everyone you speak to about the accident. For instance, with automobile accidents, you normally receive a case number on a business card of the investigating police officer. In situations where you are transported to a hospital by an ambulance for medical treatment, make sure to retain your copies of the emergency room documentation that you receive. Keeping records makes it easier to obtain official police and medical reports later.

The other person’s insurance company may attempt to contact you directly to discuss your claim after the accident. However, it is a good idea to put off responding to them until you have had time to discuss your case with your local Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Anything you say or tell the insurance company could be used against you later, which only hurts the amount of monetary compensation you are entitled to receive.

Do I Have Grounds to File an Accident Claim with a Los Angeles Attorney?

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December 13, 2013

There is a wide range of personal injury accidents where you may be entitled to seek monetary damages against another individual or party. In order to determine whether you have grounds for filing a case using your local Los Angeles accident attorney, there are a few key elements which need to be present. First, and foremost, there has to be another individual or party involved in the accident. Without another contributing party, there is no-one to sue.

Next, and equally important, is negligence caused by the other party involved in the accident. Negligence is the amount of fault they contributed towards your personal injuries. One way to gauge fault is to evaluate whether, if the other party had taken better precautions, the accident would have occurred. If a change in their actions could have avoided the accident and prevented your injuries, they were at fault. However, the amount of negligence is based upon a certain percentage and is often established using police reports, medical reports, and accident reports. The types of reports issued after an accident do depend upon where and how you sustained your injuries. Your Los Angeles accident attorney uses the reports, as well as your account of the accident, to determine who is at fault and the degree to which they contributed to your injuries.

For example, if you slipped and fell from damaged carpeting in a shopping center and were injured, you may not necessarily file a police report. However, you should make sure to complete and file an accident report with the building owner, as well as seek medical treatment, so a medical report can be completed detailing the extent of your injuries. In this example, the owner of the building could be held accountable for your injuries. There might be other parties also responsible, such as the store leasing the space from the building owner. If either party knew the carpeting was damaged and in need of repair, but failed to take proper corrective actions, they would be considered negligent.

An Accident Injury Attorney Helps Those in Need

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December 6, 2013

You may have seen commercials on TV, in the newspaper, or online for an accident injury attorney. Your first impressions might be to assume the lawyer is an ambulance chaser and only looking to earn some money off of accident victims. However, this is not always the case, as there are reputable law firms, like here at Madison Law Group, which use the legal system and personal injury laws to help those in need.

Being involved in an accident where you sustain serious injuries could have a major impact on your quality of life. You may find you are unable to continue to perform your current job. You could end up on disability and have to use public assistance programs to help make ends meet. Further, you might have lost a limb or became paralyzed from your accident. These changes not only affect you, but also your family, which was previously being provided for and supplied with all of their needs by you.

Filing a personal injury claim through our experienced accident injury attorney allows you to seek damages to be able to pay for medical expenses. In addition, if your quality of life has suffered, you can include monetary damages to help supplement and support your family at the level they were accustomed to prior to your accident. We offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and determine whether you have grounds for filing a claim against those who caused your injuries. Further, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not collect any money for retaining our services, unless we are able to reach an acceptable settlement or a verdict in a court of law in your favor.

Make Sure You Understand What a Contingency Fee is when Using an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

October 31, 2013

One common term you will hear any time you retain the services an accident attorney in Los Angeles is contingency fee. It is important you fully understand what this fee is and how it works. Many people do not take the time to ask questions of their lawyer, so if their case is won, they are shocked when they do not receive the full amount of their verdict or settlement.

A contingency fee is the amount your lawyer charges for representing you in your personal injury case. Most lawyers do not charge you anything, upfront, but instead have you sign an agreement stating the amount of their fee should they win your case. As a result, you are required to pay for their services if they are able to reach a settlement with the other party’s insurance company or secure a favorable verdict if your case goes to court. Any fees you owe are taken out of your settlement or final verdict and are the contingency fee.

Your personal injury attorney will explain to you in detail what amount they charge for contingency fees during your free initial consultation, as long as you have grounds for filing a case. Often this is a set percentage amount, rather than an actual dollar amount. An average amount charged is around one third, or thirty-three percent of the settlement or verdict amount. For example, if you were awarded $50,000 from your case, your attorney would take approximately $16,500 for the contingency fee out of the $50,000, and the remaining amount would then be issued to you.

Protect Your Rights by Hiring an Accident Injury Attorney

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October 22, 2013

Being involved in an accident where you sustained injury that was caused by another person often involves talking to their insurance company, to seek reimbursement and compensation for medical expenses. Dealing with their insurance company directly on your own is never a good idea. Insurance companies are in business to make money, not pay it out in claims, whenever possible. As a result, they are quick to make you a settlement offer — frequently for the least amount allowed under the law. If you accept their proposed settlement, you lose your legal rights to seek further compensation.

Hiring an attorney experienced in personal injury laws after your accident is a far better option. Your lawyer is aware of all of the laws, your legal rights, and the maximum compensation allowed under the law. Further, your attorney knows exactly what information and details are critical to the outcome of your case, including in situations where you might be partially at fault for the accident, or otherwise hurt your options to obtain a favorable verdict or settlement. It is important to remember: insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their side, so you should, too.

You have different options for retaining a personal injury attorney after your accident. In order to ensure you are receiving the best possible representation, you should seek out law firms that provide free consultations and who do not charge any fees unless they are able to win your case, like Madison Law Group. By not accepting any fees upfront, your attorney is more motivated to guarantee they do everything possible to deliver the desired outcome, either with a settlement offer, or a favorable verdict.

Get the Compensation You Deserve by Using a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

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October 3, 2013

If you are injured while walking down the street or using a cross walk, and have the right of way, you may be entitled to damages against the other party who caused your injuries. You have specific protections and legal rights under the law to recover damages incurred as the result of your accident. Being stuck down by an automobile, semi-truck, or other vehicle often results in severe injuries, or even the loss of a family member. Regardless of the outcome of the accident, you need a pedestrian accident attorney, able to help you through this sensitive and difficult time, as well as to provide their expertise to recover the financial compensation you need to continue on with your lives.

One mistake commonly made in pedestrian accident cases is not obtaining legal representation using a personal injury attorney. Some accidents do not result in serious injuries, so the injured person attempts to represent themself and tries to work out a settlement with the other party’s insurance company. However, this is a bad idea, because the other party’s insurance company wants to settle for the least amount of money possible. As a result, people often end up not being adequately cared for, financially, because they did not realize all of the technicalities of the law.

Even if you are not entirely sure the driver of the car is at fault, it is still worth your time to set up a free consolation appointment with one of our lawyers. When you come in for your initial appointment, it helps your case immensely if you can bring along a copy of the original accident report. As long as it is able to be established you were not at fault, or only contributed partial fault towards the accident, you are able to file a lawsuit against the other party.

After a Pedestrian Accident Consult with an Attorney to Seek Compensation

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August 15, 2013

Los Angeles is a busy place, with both a large amount of vehicle traffic, and people walking on sidewalks. This combination can lead to a pedestrian accident where a person is hit by a moving vehicle. Under California laws, the injured person has certain legal rights they might choose to pursue in cases where the accident was not their fault. Exercising their rights is possible by consulting with, and retaining, a personal injury accident attorney.

One thing your accident attorney is able to assist with, in pedestrian cases, is to determine whom you are entitled to sue for sources of monetary compensation. To start with, the driver of the vehicle that hit you is a primary source. If they are not the owner of the vehicle, you may be able to also file against the owner. In situations where the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes, you could additionally include the employers of the driver in your case. Other potential parties might include automobile manufacturers, your own insurance company, government agencies, and automobile mechanics.

Your personal injury lawyer will help you determine the exact number of sources you are able to file against after reviewing your situation. In order to help your attorney, it is important to record the details of the accident as soon as possible, by writing these down. After traumatic events, and over time, our minds tend to forget certain facts surrounding the accident that may be important. You can also supplement your recollection of the events by obtaining police reports, witness reports, and medical reports.

It Is Free to Discuss to Your Case with an Accident Injury Attorney

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July 23, 2013

In situations where you are hurt in an accident caused by someone else, you may have legal rights to seek monetary damages in the form of a settlement or lawsuit. Many people assume that as long as the other party pays for their medical bills, there is nothing further they are able to do. However, this is not entirely true, as you might have settled with the other party’s insurance company for a lower amount than you were entitled to receive. After obtaining medical treatment, it is important to contact an accident injury attorney before speaking with the other party’s insurance company. There are no fees charged for your initial consultation with your attorney, so it does not cost anything to find out exactly what your rights are and the amount of monetary damages you could be entitled to receive.

An Accident Injury Attorney Can Inform You of Your Legal RightsThe amount of monetary damages you could receive from an injury caused by another person or organization depends upon the type of accident. Personal injury cases involve many kinds of accidents, including automobile, motorcycle, slip and fall, dog bites, medical malpractice and worker’s compensation claims, as well as several others. By taking the time to meet and discuss your situation with an accident injury attorney, you are able to protect your legal rights. Settlement amounts also vary, based upon the extent of your injuries received and their long term effects on your quality of life. For example, one recent settlement our law firm obtained for one of our clients was for $500,000, in a burn victim case.

Talk to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney to Learn About Your Legal Rights

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May 21, 2013

Auto accidents and motorcycle accidents can also involve pedestrians. For example, someone might run a red light or stop sign and hit a pedestrian in the cross walk. The person walking across the street could potentially be seriously injured or may even be accidently killed. If you or one of your loved ones is injured in this type of accident it is important for you to speak with a pedestrian accident attorney to find out about your legal rights.

Your Pedestrian Accident Attorney Will Discuss the Amount of Damages You Can SeekThe amount of damages you are able to seek from a person who caused you injury in a pedestrian accident depends upon the extent of your pain, suffering, and actual injuries. Your pedestrian accident attorney will discuss with you the various amounts and any limits when filing a case. The actual amount you are awarded may be affected depending on whether you and your attorney decide to take a settlement offer or pursue the matter in a court of law.

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