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Seek a Los Angeles Injury Attorney As Soon As Possible

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May 17, 2013

There is a statute of limitation for filing personal injury cases through the court system. If you wait too long and go past the time limit, you are unable to seek any recourse for your injuries. It is better to consult with a Los Angeles injury attorney as soon as you are hurt. This way documentation and other information can be collected immediately to help build your case and prevent missing your opportunity to seek legal recourse for your injuries.

Los Angeles Injury Firms May Use Different Fee StructuresThere can be different fee structures used by some Los Angeles injury firms based on the types of cases they handle. For instance, our firm uses a “no win, no pay” policy for your personal injury case. What this means is that you do not have to pay any fees out of your own pocket up front, nor do you pay anything if we are unable to win your case. The amount we do collect for winning your case is discussed with your during your initial consultation.

Turn to an Accident Injury Attorney at Madison Law Group

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April 11, 2013

If you need an accident injury attorney, you have probably found that there are plenty to choose from. While it is nice to have a generous selection, it certainly does not make your decision any easier. Sometimes, the easiest way to pick an attorney is to seek a referral from others. Even if friends, family and coworkers have never hired an auto accident lawyer themselves, they may know someone who has. There is a good chance that if you ask around, you will find a few people who will recommend our lawyers here at the Madison Law Group.

Call Our Auto Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles TodayThe longer you put off calling an attorney, the more challenging it becomes to create a strong case. If you have suffered a car accident injury, it is important that you contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible before evidence is compromised and witnesses “forget” what they saw.

You can have peace-of-mind knowing that when you reach out to us, you will receive a call back in 24 hours. Plus, we don’t collect a fee until you win, so you never have to be concerned with upfront expenses.

Why is My Accident Injury Attorney Asking for a Retainer Fee?

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April 9, 2013

If you have called a few auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles, you may have found that many requested a retainer fee. Of course, if you have never needed an accident injury attorney in the past, you may be wondering what this fee actually is.

Basically, a retainer fee is a form of payment that a client makes to a lawyer to pay for their legal services. It can be compared to a down payment because it is paid upfront and ensures that the lawyer makes some money, just in case the case is lost. Hardly seems fair, right? We agree!

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles UpfrontHere at Madison Law Group, our Los Angeles injury attorneys don’t have any reason to charge you a fee upfront. A retainer fee is for people who don’t see value in your case, or aren’t willing to fight to get you what you deserve.

We charge a contingency fee instead, which means that if you don’t win, then you don’t pay. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle to come up with money upfront, which is hard for most people to do, especially if the injury has put you in the hospital or resulted in time off work.

Choose an Accident Injury Attorney from Madison Law Group

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January 22, 2013

If friends or family know that you are looking for an accident injury attorney, then there is a good chance that someone has recommended those we have here, at Madison Law Group. This is because we have become the name to trust for those cases. Most people in the area at least know or have heard of someone who has used our services.

Word of mouth referrals are always helpful, when choosing an auto accident lawyer. Otherwise, you really have nothing else to go by.

Call and Talk to One of Our Car Accident Los Angeles Attorneys — TodayIf you are the victim of an auto accident, it is important that you understand that the earlier you call one of our Los Angeles auto accident lawyers, the stronger the case that can be developed.

We understand that hiring an attorney can be nerve-wracking, and the last thing you want to have to do is wait for a return phone call. This is why we make it a point to return phone calls within 24 hours. You have enough stress to deal with; once you hire a lawyer, and know that your case is being worked on, you will feel a lot of that stress just disappear.

Call a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Immediately

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November 15, 2012

If you are like many others, if you fall in a public place, all you want to do is run and hide. Well, that is far from a good idea. While you may be able to stand up and slip away quietly, there is a good chance that you are simply not realizing you are injured, because of adrenaline. When your body is stressed or hurt, it will release specific hormones to protect itself. Therefore, you could have a pretty serious injury, but you really won’t realize it for days. This is why you need to call a slip and fall accident attorney right away.

Another Reason to Call a Slip and Fall Accident AttorneyAlthough your main concern might be to call a slip and fall accident attorney to seek compensation, you should also make this call to protect other people. Even if your injuries do not end up being all that severe, if your fall was due to negligence of another person or business, they need to be held accountable. Otherwise, another person could come along and fall and be hurt worse than you. So, while you think that you are just clumsy, in all actuality, that broken sidewalk, missing railing or wet floor could cause a lot of future damage, if it is not addressed.

Don’t Delay in Hiring Your Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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October 11, 2012

If your injuries aren’t all that severe, you may feel that you should simply hold off a little on hiring your pedestrian accident lawyer. This is never a good idea. Even if they were only driving really slowly, and you suffered minor cuts and bruising, you need an attorney. Sometimes your body won’t fully fill you in on how serious injuries are for a few days or weeks. At the time of the accident, you might not have even felt any pain at all, due to the adrenaline rush.

It is very common for the body to release these hormones, that are essentially natural pain killers, because it goes into fight-or-flight mode. So, you may think you are fine, but find later that you are far from it. At this point, it is always going to be harder to put a case together.

Madison Law Group has a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer for YouHiring a pedestrian accident lawyer can be intimidating. You probably feel overwhelmed and don’t know who to trust. Someone may seem sincere and friendly, but are they experienced in these cases? Alternatively, a lawyer may be incredibly experienced, but makes you feel uncomfortable or unimportant. You shouldn’t have to compromise experience for compassion; you can have both. This is what we have to offer, here at the Madison Law Group.

Do I need a slip and fall attorney if my injuries are minor

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September 14, 2012

What happens when you slip on an icy step at a business? What if you fall on some stairs because there was no handrail to hold onto? Do you simply leave, and not say anything because you are embarrassed that you fell, and you just hope that no one saw? Sadly, this is what many people do. Then, they deal with minor pain, and the business goes unpunished. You know what happens next? Someone else comes along and is seriously injured, and even a slip and fall attorney can’t take away the pain, or fix the diminished quality of life.

You Need a Slip and Fall AttorneyJust because your injuries are not so serious that you need rehabilitation or more than a few days off of work does not mean that you don’t deserve compensation. You still suffered some level of discomfort and the business needs to be held accountable. Otherwise, they won’t fix the problem, and someone else could become seriously injured after you. Call a slip and fall attorney here at the Madison Law Group today, and get the compensation you deserve.

Hiring an Attorney for Slip and Fall Accidents

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August 31, 2012

It can be difficult to determine who is at fault when you experience an injury from a fall. That’s why a slip fall attorney can help you piece together the clues in the puzzle to ascertain liability. Whether you need a Jacuzzi accident lawyer or want to file a claim for a slippery stairwell accident, Madison law group has you covered. Insurance companies have huge teams of attorneys ready to make you sound clumsy and keep their payouts as low as possible. That’s why it’s a wise idea to hire an attorney from Madison Law Group after you take a rough fall and end up with a stack of medical bills.

In the end, liability comes down to the concept of negligence. If the property owner has dangerous conditions that should have been fixed for the safety of patrons or guests, chances are you are entitled to compensation. Imagine the scenario from the outside and try to picture all the details as vividly as possible. A Madison Law Group slip & fall attorney can help you to interview witnesses, investigate the property, and research the outcomes of similar situations in the past. So don’t suffer from an injury quietly if you suspect that your fall was due to the irresponsibility of a property owner. Consult with Madison Law Group today and receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Don’t go broke paying medical bills due to the negligence of careless property owners.

Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeless Before You Settle

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August 17, 2012

If the insurance is nice enough to be offering you a settlement, it can be very tempting to take it, but you will find that you will come out much further ahead, if you call a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles. See, insurance companies don’t just settle for no reason; there isn’t a person on the other end of the phone offering you a settlement out of the goodness of their heart. If you are being offered money, it is because they know you have a case, and they don’t want to end up paying more.

Not Sure if You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los AngelesMaybe you feel that your injuries aren’t severe enough to demand a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Well, how severe do they need to be? Were you caused pain because of someone else? Do you have medical bills? Did you miss time off work? Maybe you have to skip doing something you love while you heal. These are all reasons why you should be compensated.

Plus, you could think you only have a sore back or a minor injury, but it could haunt you forever. You could end up having surgery or rehab in the future. Here at Madison Law Group, we have dealt with enough of these cases to know that injuries can often be far worse than they appear at first glance. This is why we do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve.

Should I File a Claim or Hire an Accident Injury Attorney?

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July 19, 2012

If you have been in a collision involving a motor vehicle, it can be tempting to just dismiss it, but sometimes, injuries do not flare up for days or weeks later. You may also think you can just handle the claim yourself, but this is not a good idea. Instead, you should immediately call an accident injury attorney.

Your Accident Injury Attorney Will Tell You to Go to the DoctorAside from hiring an accident injury attorney, the single most important thing you can do is go to the doctor. Even if you feel fine, there is a good chance you’re not. Neck and back injuries often do not flare up right away. Not to mention, some people do not realize that they are seriously injured because of adrenaline rush that they experience at the time.

Whether you suffer a broken wrist or foot or end up with severe whiplash, you will need compensation to remediate your financial troubles.

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