May 21, 2013

Talk to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney to Learn About Your Legal Rights

Auto accidents and motorcycle accidents can also involve pedestrians. For example, someone might run a red light or stop sign and hit a pedestrian in the cross walk. The person walking across the street could potentially be seriously injured or may even be accidently killed. If you or one of your loved ones is injured in this type of accident it is important for you to speak with a pedestrian accident attorney to find out about your legal rights.

Your Pedestrian Accident Attorney Will Discuss the Amount of Damages You Can SeekThe amount of damages you are able to seek from a person who caused you injury in a pedestrian accident depends upon the extent of your pain, suffering, and actual injuries. Your pedestrian accident attorney will discuss with you the various amounts and any limits when filing a case. The actual amount you are awarded may be affected depending on whether you and your attorney decide to take a settlement offer or pursue the matter in a court of law.