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It Is Your Legal Right to Talk to an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

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February 4, 2014

It Is Your Legal Right to Talk to an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Talking to an accident attorney in Los Angeles is your legal right, after receiving serious injuries caused by another person. Learning more about your rights helps protect your interests in the event you have grounds for filing a case. Some people make the mistake of never contacting a lawyer, only to find out later they could have received a higher monetary settlement from the other person’s insurance company. But, since they already signed a settlement agreement, they gave up their legal rights and are unable to seek any further compensation.

After being involved in an accident where you are injured, you will end up speaking to numerous people about the event. Depending on the extent of your injuries, and if at all possible, you should attempt to keep a record of everyone you speak to about the accident. For instance, with automobile accidents, you normally receive a case number on a business card of the investigating police officer. In situations where you are transported to a hospital by an ambulance for medical treatment, make sure to retain your copies of the emergency room documentation that you receive. Keeping records makes it easier to obtain official police and medical reports later.

The other person’s insurance company may attempt to contact you directly to discuss your claim after the accident. However, it is a good idea to put off responding to them until you have had time to discuss your case with your local Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Anything you say or tell the insurance company could be used against you later, which only hurts the amount of monetary compensation you are entitled to receive.

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