July 23, 2013

It Is Free to Discuss to Your Case with an Accident Injury Attorney

In situations where you are hurt in an accident caused by someone else, you may have legal rights to seek monetary damages in the form of a settlement or lawsuit. Many people assume that as long as the other party pays for their medical bills, there is nothing further they are able to do. However, this is not entirely true, as you might have settled with the other party’s insurance company for a lower amount than you were entitled to receive. After obtaining medical treatment, it is important to contact an accident injury attorney before speaking with the other party’s insurance company. There are no fees charged for your initial consultation with your attorney, so it does not cost anything to find out exactly what your rights are and the amount of monetary damages you could be entitled to receive.

An Accident Injury Attorney Can Inform You of Your Legal RightsThe amount of monetary damages you could receive from an injury caused by another person or organization depends upon the type of accident. Personal injury cases involve many kinds of accidents, including automobile, motorcycle, slip and fall, dog bites, medical malpractice and worker’s compensation claims, as well as several others. By taking the time to meet and discuss your situation with an accident injury attorney, you are able to protect your legal rights. Settlement amounts also vary, based upon the extent of your injuries received and their long term effects on your quality of life. For example, one recent settlement our law firm obtained for one of our clients was for $500,000, in a burn victim case.