December 19, 2013

What to Look for When Selecting an Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

There are a few key items to look for whenever you require the assistance of an accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Understanding these items helps you find the best attorney to represent you in your legal claim. First, the attorney should offer a free consultation to review your accident and evaluate your case. Law firms which charge for case evaluations are a waste of your money, especially in situations where it is discovered you do not have grounds for filing a claim.

The next item to look for is how fast the accident lawyer in Los Angeles determines the value of your case. If they are quick to give you a figure, then you may want to consider a different law firm to represent you. Why? A proper case evaluation has to be performed in order to establish a monetary amount. Since each case is different, providing you a figure upfront without taking the time to complete a detailed analysis could result in you losing the maximum value of what your case is actually worth.

Another item your personal injury attorney should offer is working on your case on a contingency basis. What this means is they work on your case without requiring any retainer or other money to be paid initially. Further, they only take payment in the event they are able to come to an agreeable settlement or a verdict in your favor in court. If they do not win your case, then they are not paid. As a result, law firms which follow this method tend to work harder to protect your legal rights and interests.