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Consult with Slip and Fall Attorneys if You Are Injured

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December 17, 2013

Consult with Slip and Fall Attorneys if You Are Injured

Any time you slip and fall down, whether it is in a public area, or in front of a person’s home, you may have legal rights if you are injured. For instance, if you trip over an uneven sidewalk, land face first on the pavement, knock out your teeth, injure your head, or sprain, strain, or break any bones, you will require medical treatment. As a result, there are bills that are going to need to be paid. You might initially bill these to your own health insurance. However, if another party is found to be at fault, you and your insurance company could be entitled to receive full reimbursement for these expenses.

To see if you have grounds for seeking monetary reimbursement from another party, your first step is to schedule a free consultation with one of our slip and fall attorneys, here at Madison Law Group. During your consultation, your attorney will assess and evaluate information based upon your account of the accident, as well as information gathered from medical reports. They may also have to make a trip to the location of your accident and perform a site inspection.

Because your lawyer wants to make every effort to ensure you actually have a claim, it could take a short period of time to conduct a proper evaluation. Slip and fall attorneys take the time upfront to help you avoid situations where there are no grounds for filing a case, as well as making sure your case is properly prepaid when there are grounds. Further, it allows your lawyer the opportunity to start to prepare and gather evidence which can be used in your favor for establishing your claim.

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