October 17, 2013

Retain an Auto Accident Lawyer to Make Sure You Are Properly Compensated

Being involved in an auto accident frequently results in damage to your vehicle. However, there are times when the accident is more serious, and you receive personal injuries. Understanding how insurance claims work, both with your own company and the other person’s, is vital to guarantee you receive the correct monetary compensation. Your insurance company will normally take care of any repairs required for your vehicle, or issue you a check to replace it, in the event it is totaled, minus any applicable deductibles. However, you could recover your deductible amounts by filing a claim against the other party, as long as they were at fault.

If you were injured and required medical treatment, these expenses are normally paid for by the other party’s insurance. The amount you are able to receive does depend upon the extent of your injuries. If you required hospitalization, surgery, lost time from work that was unpaid, or are left disabled, you could have grounds to seek a larger amount of damages. Rather than being left on your own to deal with their insurance company, claims adjusters, and other representatives, you should consider retaining your own auto accident lawyer.

Using personal injury lawyer helps to protect your legal rights, as well as ensures you are able to be well compensated for all of your injuries, both now, and in the future. In certain cases, there may be additional people your attorney can file against to seek monetary damages for your auto accident. For example, if the driver was operating a company-owned vehicle while at work, your lawsuit might also include their employer and the employer’s insurance company.