July 26, 2013

A Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Evaluates Negligence and Those Responsible

Personal injury is a specific area of the law which deals with civil law suits between two parties involved in an accident. In most cases, the person or party who caused the accident has some sort of insurance, and their insurance company is the one who pays damages obtained through a settlement or awarded by a judge in a court of law. There are few things that must be present in order to have grounds to file a case with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. First, your attorney has to identify the responsible parties for your accident. They have to determine whether the accident was caused by an individual or business. Next, they need to establish the amount of negligence the other party contributed towards the accident. If there is no negligence, and the accident was entirely your own doing, then there are no grounds to file a claim.

Taking the time to complete these first two evaluation steps helps a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles weed out invalid accident claims in situations where someone might be looking to make money by causing their own injuries. For example, if you walk into a store, and deliberately fall down and get hurt, there are no grounds for a personal injury case. On the other hand, if the floor was wet because the roof was leaking, the owner knew about the problem and failed to take corrective measures, which caused you to fall down and get hurt — you could have grounds to file a claim against the store.