August 09, 2013

An Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles Handles Catastrophic Injury Cases

One specific area of personal injury law that our injury lawyer in Los Angeles provides help with is catastrophic injuries. This area has to do with accidents and injuries which are so severe they leave the injured person permanently disabled and unable to work, or in extreme cases, the accident results in their death. Catastrophic events include specific types of accidents such as airplane crashes, train accidents, construction site accidents, motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. In each of these situations, the resulting injuries are often more serious than with other kinds of accidents and injuries. The person might be paralyzed, have brain damage, spine damage, loss of limbs, or even die. If you or a loved one is involved in a catastrophic accident, it is worth your time to talk to one of our personal injury attorneys to make sure you are fully compensated for the maximum amounts allowed under the law.

Information to Have Available Before Your Free Case Evaluation with an Injury Lawyer in Los AngelesYou are able to receive a free case evaluation from our injury lawyer in Los Angeles. By taking advantage of this evaluation, you are able to determine whether you might have grounds for filing a personal injury claim against another person or business. In order to help your attorney make an accurate assessment, you should gather certain types of documentation and information before arranging for your free consultation. You need to be able to provide details about the accident, resulting injuries, the date and approximate time of the accident, the name of the other person or business involved in the accident, police reports or case number, and medical reports from the treating physicians.