September 12, 2013

Speak to an Accident Injury Attorney Any Time Another Party Contributed To Your Injuries

An important decision you need to make is to decide whether to speak to a personal injury attorney after an accident. Far too often, people automatically assume they have no legal rights, and have to bear the costs and expenses incurred from any injuries they received as a result of the accident. However, that is not always the case when there is another party involved in the accident. As long as the other party is partially to blame for causing the accident, you might have grounds to file a claim for monetary damages.

Besides requiring another party to be present in causing the accident, negligence must also be present. Negligence is simply the amount of fault the other person contributed toward your injuries. For example, if you were walking in a store, and slipped and fell on a wet floor, but there were no warning signs displayed in the area, the business could be held fully at fault for your injuries. When you meet for your free consultation with your personal injury attorney, he will cover this in more detail, as well as assess the amount of negligence caused by the other person or business.

The amount of monetary damages you are able to seek does depending upon the nature and extent of your injuries. Further, there are maximum amounts insurance companies are able to pay. In the event your case is for more than the maximum amount payable by the insurance company, you may also be able to file a claim directly against the other person or business. However, the other party must have the ability to pay damages, as it would not be worthwhile to file a claim against them in situations where the other party was unable to pay.