September 13, 2013

A Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Helps People Entitled to Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance coverage all employers are required to carry. This insurance provides payment in the event an employee is injured while on the job. It does not matter what industry you work in, whether it is construction, food service, manufacturing, retail, or clerical. Your employer is responsible to pay for any and all related medical expenses if you are hurt during your scheduled work hours, on their property, and in their employment. Further, independent contract workers and temporary employees are also covered and entitled to worker’s compensation claims. However, you may require the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to enforce you legal rights in certain situations.

Most employers are responsible and make sure to follow the proper procedures any time an employee is injured while working. However, some employers use certain tactics to attempt to get the employee to pay for expenses out of their own pocket, or by using their own health insurance coverage, by making the employee feel guilty. Depending upon how the accident is discussed, they may try to convince the employee the accident was their own fault, to get out of filing a worker’s compensation claim.

After sustaining an injury while on the job, you should always seek medical treatment to protect your legal rights. When discussing the accident and completing accident reports, stick to the facts, and do not elaborate or go into great details. Try to answer any questions with a simple yes or no response, if possible. If your employer attempts to make you feel guilty, or is resistant to filing a worker’s compensation claim, you need to contact a personal injury attorney immediately. In Los Angeles, our law firm specializes in worker’s compensation claims, as well as several other areas of personal injury law. Further, we offer a free consultation to discuss your matter and determine whether you have grounds for a case