February 12, 2013

Can That Cobblestone Path Be to Blame for Your Fall?

Some people assume that the only way they can seek compensation through a slip & fall attorney is if there was a wet floor sign missing, ice on a sidewalk or a faulty staircase railing. Although these are the more common causes of people falling, they are certainly not the only ones. Any time your fall was the result of another person, business or product, a slip and fall accident attorney should be involved.

A Cobblestone Path Can Be to BlameYou may look at that beautiful cobblestone path at the park or a business, and think that there is no way it caused your fall, but a qualified slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles may see things differently. There could be a faulty stone that you tripped over, or the installation may have been poorly executed. If you have sustained a fall, you owe it to yourself to at least have an expert look into it.