September 27, 2013

In Los Angeles the Amount of Monetary Damages Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Seek Depends on Several Factors

One question most people have when they find out they have grounds to file a personal injury claim using a lawyer in Los Angeles is the amount of money they could be awarded. The amount of monetary damages you are able to file for depends upon several factors, including the extent of your injuries, level of pain and suffering, and whether you lost wages from employment. Further, since these types of cases often involve suing insurance companies, there are frequently caps on the total amount an insurance company is able to pay. 

The caps placed on personal injury claims also depend on the type of personal liability insurance carried by the other party. Businesses often have a much higher coverage limit than individuals. For example, if you slipped, fell, and sustained serious injuries while in a place of business, you might be able to seek more in monetary damages. On the other hand, if you had a similar accident on the sidewalk leading up to someone’s home, you would be limited to the amount of coverage provided under their homeowner’s policy. 

In certain cases, your personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can also recommend filing against people other than the insurance company. For instance, if you were walking down the sidewalk and were hit by a company-owned vehicle, you might have grounds to not only sue the driver’s insurance company, but also the business’s insurance company, and the business owners. Further, if the driver has any substantial assets, your attorney might decide to include them in your lawsuit.