February 07, 2014

A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Handles Loss of Life Cases

Sometimes people experience life-altering events which leave them in a state of financial distress, due to the loss of a loved one and their financial support. You and your partner may not have prepared ahead of time, and the reason for the loss could catch you completely off guard. Unlike terminal medical conditions, where you have time to plan and prepare, you are not afforded this opportunity with certain types of accidents.

For example, your spouse may have been at work, on the job, and a piece of machinery or equipment malfunctioned, resulting in serious injuries and their eventual death. Who is to blame for this accident? Their employer could be held accountable for the accident and their death, if they were aware of unfavorable working conditions or other such details but failed to take steps to correct the problems. The equipment or machinery manufacturer might also be responsible, such as if it was defective. When a life is lost due to the negligence of another, you can have grounds for filing a personal injury case with the help of a local Los Angeles attorney.

Even though you might have life insurance, it may not be enough to help you adjust financially. You also do not want to give up your legal rights if the employer or the manufacturer were at fault for the death of your loved one. Your Los Angeles attorney understands this is a difficult time in your life, and wants to do everything he can to help, including seeking the maximum amount of monetary damages as possible under the law, when you have grounds for a personal injury law suit.