September 26, 2013

In Los Angeles If You Are Hurt in an Accident Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases are an area of the law which can seem confusing to most people. The reason for this confusion is due to not fully understanding your legal rights in the event you are injured during an accident that was partially or fully caused by someone else. Adding to this confusion is the information you receive, not only from your insurance company, but also the other party’s insurance company. On top of this, in cases where your employer is involved, they might attempt to make you feel guilty or make it seem like the cause of the accident was really your fault. As a result of this confusion, people frequently miss out filing claims where they are entitled to receiving monetary damages. 

A major component common in all personal injury cases, regardless of the type of claim or whether they occurred in Los Angeles, or someplace else, is: negligence has to exist. Negligence has to do with the amount of fault another party contributed towards your accident. The other party does not necessary need to be present at the time of your injury. For instance, if you slipped and fell down because you tripped on torn and ripped carpeting in the hallway of your apartment, the building owner contributed towards your accident, because they failed to maintain safe conditions in your building. 

In Los Angeles, you are able to find out your legal rights, and whether you have grounds for a personal injury case, by scheduling a free consultation at Madison Law Group. During your initial meeting, your attorney will obtain information and details about your accident. Based upon the specifics you provide, your lawyer gives you their professional and legal opinion on whether you have a claim. In the event you have grounds to file a claim, you are supplied additional information in regards to gathering evidence to support your case and how things are going to proceed.