May 30, 2013

Listen and Follow the Advice Given by Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

When working with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer it is important for you to follow all of his or her recommendations. The reason your attorney advises you to do or avoid certain things is because they are aware of the laws and how your actions could have a direct impact on your case. For example, you do not want to talk to your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company without your lawyer present. This is because insurance companies can and do use anything you say against you whenever possible to discredit your claim.

There Are Other Professionals Who Work with Your Los Angeles Personal Injury LawyerYour Los Angeles personal injury lawyer frequently works alongside other lawyers, legal assistants and professionals. It is possible during your case that you will speak to some of these other people who work at the same law firm as your attorney. For example, you might be contacted by a legal assistant to obtain more information and details about the events surrounding your accident. The personal calling should tell you their name, identify the law firm they are calling from, and be able to tell you they are helping your attorney. In situations where you feel uncomfortable providing information over the phone, you are able to make an appointment to meet them face to face at your attorney’s law firm.