January 31, 2014

Retaining an Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Increases Your Chances of Winning

There are several different forms of monetary compensation you may be entitled to receive as part of your personal injury case in Los Angeles. These include medical bills, lost wages, future earnings and minor expenses. Minor expenses are those items which you would not have experienced if you had not been injured, such as transportation, overtime, disfigurement, shame, loss of enjoyment, mental anguish, permanent scars, loss of love and affection, mental disability, physical disability and certain kinds of property damage. In addition, your compensation claim could serve as a form of indemnity for all of the trouble you have experienced, plus pain, suffering and emotional trauma.

Working with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles is essential to the success of your case, as well as to receive the best monetary settlement or verdict in your favor. If you attempt to deal directly with the other party’s insurance company on your own, you will find it difficult to secure the type of settlement you desire. This is because insurance companies have their own team of lawyers on retainer to represent them in these matters. Further, insurance companies are in business to make money, not write checks and pay large monetary settlements, if at all possible.

In most cases your suit will not make it to court, as long as you have help from an experienced personal injury attorney, like Madison Law Group in Los Angeles. Rather, it is often possible to come to a settlement agreement between the other party’s insurance company, the insurance company’s lawyers, your lawyer and yourself that more than compensates you for any medical bills and damages you sustained from the accident.