February 06, 2014

After a Slip and Fall Accident Should I Contact Personal Injury Attorneys?

You may not think much about contacting personal injury attorneys if you slip, trip or fall down on a sidewalk outside of a business. Other pedestrians will most likely stop and ask if you are okay and help you back up. The store owner or one of their employees might notice and come out and verify you are okay, too, but this does not always occur. If you are experiencing any type of pain or discomfort, or are bleeding, it is best to remain on the ground and ask someone to call an ambulance. Attempting to get up could result in injuring yourself further.

After receiving medical treatment, you may provide your own insurance information and pay the remaining balances out of your own pocket. However, what you might not realize is the business owner or their landlord could be responsible for all of your medical bills. Sidewalks and other public walkways have to be well maintained in order to avoid slip and fall accidents. If the store owner or their landlord is aware that the sidewalk is in need of repair, but took no steps to remedy the situation, they can be held liable for your injuries because they were negligent.

To find out if you have legal recourse to recover money you spent out of your own pocket for your medical bills and treatments, you need to schedule a free consultation with experienced slip and fall attorneys. Your lawyer is able to review the information and details about your accident, obtain additional information from the store owner and their landlord, and determine if they were at fault for your injuries. If they were negligent, you have grounds for filing a personal injury claim.