January 23, 2014

Find Out the Maximum Recovery Amount from an Auto Accident Attorney

An auto accident attorney is experienced in the area of law having to do with personal injury. This area deals with civil law suits filed against other parties and their insurance companies in cases where you sustained injuries to your body. It does not deal with any damages to your vehicle or other personal property. The civil laws in place are there to help you obtain monetary reimbursement and recovery from the parties at fault.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware they might have grounds for filing a case, and they often fail to consult with an auto accident attorney. In these situations, what ends up happening is the other party’s insurance company issues a small check to cover the costs of any medical bills from the accident, but rarely nothing else. They will require you to sign legal forms agreeing to the reimbursement which limits you from taking any further actions against the other party or the insurance company in the future, for this accident. Had you taken the time to consult with a personal injury lawyer, you could have discovered you may have been entitled to a much larger monetary amount than the insurance company offered.

Having proper legal representation ensures your interests are fully protected. In addition, your attorney knows personal injury laws to help you obtain the best possible insurance settlement or verdict in your favor. Money received from settlements and verdicts in your favor can be used to cover current and future medical bills, reimburse you for lost wages, and as a form of civil damage to ease your pain and suffering, as well as pay your attorney.