March 27, 2013

How Does a Slip and Fall Attorney Prove a Case?

If you have sustained an injury due to the negligence of a person of business, you need a slip and fall attorney. Now, you may be thinking that your injuries are not all that bad, so you probably wouldn’t win a case anyway, or maybe you are thinking that you will never win because there were no witnesses. Well, you might be surprised at what a skilled Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can prove.

How a Slip and Fall Lawyer Proves NegligenceDetermining and proving negligence in one of these cases is not always all that easy, but if you work with an experienced Los Angeles injury attorney, such as those we have here at Madison Law Group, then you have a better chance at seeing the compensation that you deserve. A few questions that they may seek to find the answer to include:

  • Did the hazardous conditions exist long enough that they had time to eliminate it?
  • Did the person responsible for routinely checking the property for potential hazards do their job? If yes, when was the last time it was checked? Are there records?
  • Was poor lighting a factor?
  • Was the problem reported by someone else already?
  • Were there any witnesses?