January 30, 2013

Was Your Fall the Result of an Uneven Sidewalk?

If you are like most others, you probably do not walk along staring at your feet. You trust that the sidewalk you are walking on is going to offer a safe surface — right? Is it really your responsibility to examine the sidewalk while you are walking? Absolutely not! Therefore, if you sustain a fall because of an uneven sidewalk, doesn’t it make sense that you be compensated? Your pain is the direct result of negligence. Whether it is personal, business or city property, you should be contacting a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.

Call a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer ImmediatelyThe last thing you want to do is procrastinate. Calling a Los Angeles injury lawyer immediately is imperative, so that proper evidence can be gathered. Otherwise, if you wait, you will be giving the negligent party plenty of time to fix the source of the fall before a lawyer can take pictures of the evidence.