August 27, 2013

Talk to a Motorcycle Injury Attorney if the Accident was Not Entirely Your Fault

There are several things you need to consider after being involved in a motorcycle accident where you sustained serious injuries. The most important is whether the accident was your fault, or caused by another party. In cases where you were fully to blame for the accident, you do not have any legal recourse against the other party, and have to pay for your medical bills and other expenses through your own insurance or out of your own pocket. On the other hand, if the accident was even partially the fault of a second party, you could have a legal claim for monetary damages. In this case, your next step would be to set up a free consultation and speak to an attorney at our law firm experienced in motorcycle injury cases.

When you schedule your free consultation appointment, you may be asked to bring certain types of documentation along with you. During your visit with your motorcycle injury attorney, he might ask you for police reports, hospital reports, medical reports, or other such information. These reports, plus your own personal account of events, are necessary in order to determine and establish the level of negligence of the other party involved in the accident. Additionally, the extent of your injuries is used to figure out the maximum amount you are able to seek for monetary damages. In some situations, in addition to seeking money to cover all related medical bills, you could be entitled to pain and suffering, and lost wages.