August 29, 2013

A Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Handles a Variety of Practice Areas

There are different areas of personal injury a lawyer in Los Angeles practices. Most people are familiar with the more common cases of slip and fall, automobile accidents, and motorcycle accidents. In addition to these kinds of cases, personal injury also extends to medical malpractice suits, workers’ compensation, catastrophic events, wrongful deaths, dog bites, aviation accidents, pedestrian accidents, brain and spinal cord injuries, and certain catastrophic events which drastically change a person’s life. Any time you believe an accident was caused by another party, it never hurts to discuss your situation with one of our attorneys, with a free consultation.

In order to determine whether you have actual grounds for a personal injury case, your Los Angeles lawyer has to first determine whether there was any negligence present. Negligence refers to the amount of fault due the other party involved in the accident. If there was no other party present, or if you were entirely to blame for the accident, then you do not have grounds for filing a claim. On the other hand, even if the other party was only partially at fault, you still have the ability to seek damages in the amount equivalent to the percentage they were responsible. For example, if you and the other party were both equally responsible, you would both be 50 percent at fault. If the total amount of damages your lawyer determines is $200,000, if the other party was completely at fault, it has to be reduced by half, since you were 50 percent responsible. So the resulting amount of monetary damages you could claim would be $100,000.