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If You Are Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney

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October 8, 2013

If You Are Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney

Many people often forget that there are more motorcycles on the road, today, as a result of higher gas prices. As fuel costs continue to swell, people are looking for other cost-saving methods to cut their commuting expenses. One viable option is to purchase and use a motorcycle. This type of transportation provides improved fuel-efficiency and is ideal for one person to get the most out of their gas money. However, with an increase in the number of motorcyclists on the road, there, too, has been an increase in the number of motorcycle-related accidents.

The reason there has been an increase in motorcycle accidents is because vehicle drivers are not fully paying attention. For instance, when making a lane change, most motorists simply check their mirrors, but fail to check their blind spot. Because a motorcycle is much smaller, it is easier for a motorcyclist to be hiding in the blind spot. Many of these accidents can result in serious injury to the motorcyclist. If you are hurt because someone else was not paying attention, you could be entitled to file a personal injury claim with an attorney.

Common causes for motorcycle accidents in California include left turn collisions, running stop signs, running red lights, speeding, drunk drivers, rear-end accidents, unsafe lane changes, broadside collisions, and out of control motor vehicles. If you have sustained any injury from an accident while riding your motorcycle, it is worth your time to discuss your situation with our personal injury attorney. We offer a free consultation, so there is no upfront expense or cost out of your pocket. As long as the other party involved in the accident is at least partially at fault, you could have grounds for filing a personal injury claim to help pay for your medical expenses, lost time from work, and other such damages.

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