October 18, 2013

Personal Injury Cases in Los Angeles Include Many Different Areas

Personal injury cases could involve a wide range of areas including slip and fall, auto accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, amputation accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, medical malpractice, workers compensation, and many more areas. The two key items which must be present in these cases are negligence and injury. If one or the other is missing, then you do not have this type of case. This is not to say you may not have grounds for some other law suit. But, to be entirely sure whether or not you have grounds, as well as what kind of case, it is best to consult with an experienced Los Angeles lawyer.

There is fault assigned to everyone involved in any type of accident. If there are only two parties, then the fault is divided between them. If there are three or more parties, then the fault is distributed based upon the percentage of responsibility. However, there are times were certain parties are found entirely at fault because of their negligence. If they would have taken the time to pursue a different chain of events or actions, then the accident could have been prevented. The percentage of fault assigned to the other party also lets you know the total amount you are able to seek in a personal injury lawsuit claim filed through your Los Angeles attorney. For example, if you contributed 25 percent towards the accident, then the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to is reduced by 25 percent.