June 21, 2013

People May Not Realize They Can File a Case with Slip and Fall Attorneys

Many people fail to realize and fully comprehend the meaning of the legal term slip and fall. As a result, they do not know they might have legal grounds to file a lawsuit against the negligent party using slip and fall attorneys. Often what occurs in these cases is someone slips, trips or falls; is injured; and then seeks their own medical treatment through their primary care physician. They may not even take the time to inform the business owner of the injury and file an accident claim. However, when they take matters in their own hands, they could potentially be losing out on the ability to have the other party pay for their medical expenses from the injury.

Slip and Fall Attorneys Will Help Determine When Negligence Is PresentIn order to have a valid slip and fall case against another party, there are specific things that must be present. First, there must be some sort of negligence caused by the other party which resulted in your injuries. Negligence has to be established based upon the circumstances resulting in your accident. For example, negligence could be present if a business owner was aware of a problem concerning water leaking onto the floor from the roof when it rains, and then failed to take corrective actions. Anyone who slipped, fell and was injured in this area of their business may have grounds for filing a claim using slip and fall attorneys. Even if the business owner put up signs warning about the wet and slippery floors, you might still be able to seek damages because they failed to address the cause of the problem.