March 28, 2014

Need Worker’s Compensation Help? Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Workers compensation is a special type of insurance coverage employers have to maintain on their employees, as well as contractors. This insurance is in place to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other related expenses, should someone be injured while on the job. As an employee, it is your responsibility to be aware of this insurance coverage. If your employer is not being cooperative with filing a worker’s compensation claim, then you need to contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Some employees may be afraid of causing problems at their job by filing a worker’s compensation claim. They could have concerns they might lose their job after seeking reimbursement through the employer’s insurance company. However, the laws are written to protect employees from such actions. The thing to remember is your employer will be actively protecting his or her best interests and often already has a law firm on retainer for such events.

Another situation that sometimes occurs is when you are injured while at work and your employer asks you to file medical treatments using your own health insurance. For example, you cut your finger and require stitches. Your employer suggests you injured yourself by your own doing and leads you to believe you are responsible for paying for your medical care. However, this is a violation of the law, and you should never do this. Instead, you have the right to file worker’s compensation.

Regardless of the extent of your injuries and type of accident, it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles and find out your worker’s compensation rights. Your attorney keeps your consultation completely confidential as you decide on the best course of action.