March 27, 2014

Injured a Pedestrian? You May Be Sued by an Accident Attorney

More people are relying upon alternative methods of transportation due to the continued high fuel costs, such as public transportation. As a result, there has been a marked increase in the amount of pedestrian traffic in cities, like Los Angeles. Motorists need to be aware of this increase in foot traffic and take additional precautions to prevent accidents. In the event a pedestrian is injured due to a motorist’s negligence, he or she may have grounds for suing the other party with assistance from an accident attorney.

Who Can Be Sued in a Pedestrian Injury Case?

The injured pedestrian’s accident attorney has to determine who to sue. In most cases, it is the other party’s insurance company. However, there are cases where the individual who caused the accident could also be sued if they have substantial assets.

For example, the other party has a maximum cap on their liability insurance of $100,000, but your attorney evaluates your case and determines it is worth $250,000 due to the extent of your injuries. During your lawyer’s case evaluation, he discovers the other party has sizable assets. Because there is a cap on the maximum amount the insurance company will pay, the individual can be held responsible to pay the difference out of their own pocket.

It is important to remember each case is unique with its own set of circumstances. Monetary figures in the example should not be taken as representative for what you might be entitled to receive if you are injured, because amounts could be entirely different for your case. The best way to find out monetary figures is to contact an accident attorney in your area and schedule your free consultation.