August 29, 2011

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When an accident occurs between vehicles, the law is automatically implicated and the legal system is set in motion. In order to make sure your rights are protected throughout the post accident events, you should contact a Los Angeles auto accident attorney as soon as possible. Defendants Defendants involved in an auto accident face serious legal and financial liabilities. If a person is found responsible for damages, he or she can be made to pay all the expenses that are directly related to the accident. This can include damage done to the vehicle as well as medical bills for treatment, prescriptions and rehabilitation. In addition, a responsible party may also be held to pay for a plaintiff’s lost wages, both present and future, if the plaintiff missed work. A defendant may also be forced to pay for pain and suffering (damages for mental anguish) as well as punitive damages (punishment payments for willful behavior). Also, in some instances, criminal charges may be warranted against the responsible party. To adequately defend their rights, defendants will need to contact a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer. Plaintiffs Victims of auto accidents need Los Angeles personal injury lawyers as well, in order to assure their rights under the law. Although the law is clear that a person found responsible for an accident must compensate the victim, this generally can not be done without professional legal help; there are simply too many legal requirements, to comply with, such as statute of limitations, for a layperson to successfully file and win a case. With a Los Angeles personal injury attorney on their side, plaintiffs can be assured that these legal details are complied with. They can also be sure that they have someone fighting to get them the fullest compensation under the law.