April 11, 2023

Long Beach, CA – Motorcycle Crash Injures Two at 10th St. and Redondo Ave.

Long Beach, CA - Motorcycle Crash Injures Two at 10th St. and Redondo Ave.

Long Beach, CA (April 11, 2023) –¬†Police and rescue officials in Long Beach were called to the scene of a serious crash involving a motorcycle on Monday, April 10th. The accident was first reported around 2:30 p.m. at the intersection of 10th Street and Redondo Avenue.

According to a report from authorities, two people were riding a motorcycle when the bike collided with a passenger vehicle. The male driver of the motorcycle, along with his female passenger, suffered injuries as a result of the collision. Both victims were treated by paramedics at the scene before being taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment. There is no word on their conditions at this time. The identities of the riders have not been released. It is unclear exactly how the accident took place.

There were no other reported injuries. Police shut down a section of the road while they conducted an investigation into the crash. There is no word on whether any charges are expected to be filed at this time.

Anyone with information on the accident is asked to contact the Long Beach Police Department.

We would like to offer our thoughts and best wishes to those who were affected by this Long Beach motorcycle accident. We hope for a complete and speedy recovery.

Motorcycle Accidents in California

Motorcycles are a very popular mode of transportation in California. In fact, our state has the highest number of registered motorcycles in the country. With favorable terrain, inviting geography, and an accommodating climate, both residents and tourists spend their time enjoying motorcycle rides in our state. However, the flip side is that motorcycles can also be very dangerous. A California motorcycle accident carries a high chance of resulting in injuries. According to statistics, more than 80% of accidents involving motorcycles will end with at least one person being hurt. Sadly, the injuries are often serious, and they may even be fatal.

Motorcyclists are at the most risk when they are sharing the roadway with negligent drivers. A motorcycle crash in California will be carefully investigated. Usually, however, at least one person is responsible for the collision. Other drivers often fail to see motorcyclists, and they may fail to yield until it is too late. The impact of a vehicle vs. motorcycle crash is great and can lead to devastating injuries for the unprotected rider.

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