March 20, 2014

Frustrated by Insurance Companies? Contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

One common issue people face after an accident and dealing with insurance companies on their own is a change in their willingness to work with you. Initially, they are very nice, empathetic to your situation and seem like they are going to take care of medical bills and other related expenses associated with personal injuries experienced from the accident. However, as time goes on and bills continue to accumulate, their attitude quickly changes if you do not sign their forms in a timely manner. For you, this can become rather frustrating, because all you want to do is put the accident behind you and get on with your life. But, before you sign their forms, you need to contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Once you sign the insurance company’s settlement forms, you are signing away your legal rights and limit the amount of monetary reimbursement you could be entitled to receive. By contacting a Los Angles personal injury attorney and discussing your case, you are able to find out how much you case is worth. In addition, your lawyer takes the time to conduct a formal case analysis, gather evidence to support your claim, and ensures you receive the best representation.

Here at Madison Law Group, Attorney Madison is not easily intimidated by the insurance company’s team of attorneys. He stands his ground and remains diligent in helping you receive a fair settlement or verdict in your favor. All it takes to obtain his help is to contact our office and schedule your free consultation.