April 25, 2013

Help Slip and Fall Attorneys Avoid Issues with Your Case by Filing an Accident Report and Accepting Medical Treatment

Slip and fall accidents happen on a frequent basis for a variety of reasons such as slippery pavement, liquids on the floor, uneven sidewalks, inadequate lighting, missing safety and guard rails, and blocked store aisles. Whenever you slip and fall you need to report it immediately to the owner of the property or business. It is important to make sure an accident report is filed and when offered, you accept medical treatment. Failing to file an accident report or refusing medical treatment could create issues with your case should you consult with slip and fall attorneys later.

Slip and Fall Attorneys Have to Determine if a Business Was Negligent
Slip and fall attorneys have the task of determining whether the owner or business was at fault. This type of personal injury case has to evaluate and figure out if there was any negligence involved which resulted in your accident. Negligence is where the owner or business is aware of problems and fails to take the necessary steps to correct the problem. For example, if there is liquid on the floor and no warning or caution signs up, the owner could be found negligent for failing to provide proper notice to be careful when walking in that location.