April 09, 2013

Why is My Accident Injury Attorney Asking for a Retainer Fee?

If you have called a few auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles, you may have found that many requested a retainer fee. Of course, if you have never needed an accident injury attorney in the past, you may be wondering what this fee actually is.

Basically, a retainer fee is a form of payment that a client makes to a lawyer to pay for their legal services. It can be compared to a down payment because it is paid upfront and ensures that the lawyer makes some money, just in case the case is lost. Hardly seems fair, right? We agree!

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles UpfrontHere at Madison Law Group, our Los Angeles injury attorneys don’t have any reason to charge you a fee upfront. A retainer fee is for people who don’t see value in your case, or aren’t willing to fight to get you what you deserve.

We charge a contingency fee instead, which means that if you don’t win, then you don’t pay. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle to come up with money upfront, which is hard for most people to do, especially if the injury has put you in the hospital or resulted in time off work.