October 10, 2013

The Goal of Your Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Is To Win Your Case

When working with your personal injury attorney, here in Los Angeles at Madison Law Group, he will do his best to obtain the maximum amount of damages as possible. It should be noted that your lawyer’s primary purpose is to win your case, either by securing an acceptable settlement, or by taking your case in front of a judge and jury, and getting a verdict in your favor. The processes used to reach a settlement and a verdict are slightly different. It is important for you to understand the differences and how they affect your claim.

After your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles files your case with the court, the other party and their insurance company are notified of the lawsuit. There will be a court date set in the initial notification. Prior to this court date, the other party’s insurance company opens negotiations through your attorney. In the event they attempt to contact you directly, do not speak to them, other than to refer them to your lawyer. During this time, the insurance company proposes a settlement based upon what they feel is appropriate. However, the initial offer is often a low amount, and nowhere close to the monetary damages your attorney filed on your behalf. Your attorney does talk to you about their proposal and whether you want to make a counteroffer. This process continues until an agreeable settlement is reached.

In the event you and your attorney are able to come to an acceptable settlement from the insurance company, your case is then taken to court. During the court proceedings, your attorney presents evidence to establish your claim and show the other party was negligent. The damages awarded by the court, should they find in your favor, are commonly the maximum amount initially filed with the court in your lawsuit.